Freelance in 30 Days Book: Get the confidence and knowledge to succeed at going freelance

The freelance book that helps you get the confidence and knowledge to thrive in your new freelance career.

""Do you want to build the confidence to finally go freelance?

Do you want the freedom and flexibility that comes from being your own boss?

Do you want to be a creative and productive freelancer?

Answer "Yes" to these 3 questions?

Then Freelance in 30 Days is the perfect way for you to get the knowledge and confidence to go freelance – and freelance successfully.

Buy the book – £15 / $20 (Gumroad)


Every year, thousands of people have the confidence to start their freelance career.

You can do it too.

You can have the flexibility and freedom that comes from running your own freelance business – and enjoy it.

You can make a decent income from your freelance business – often much more than your previous job.

Freelance in 30 Days aims to get you excited, inspired and absorbing insight into what it takes to go freelance, attracting your first clients, standing out as a high-profile freelancer, and building a valuable pipeline of new business for your freelance consulting business.

With over 200 pages of practical advice, Freelance in 30 Days is the book to give you the confidence to go freelance – and freelance successfully.


  • Those thinking about going freelance but wanting to find out more about what it takes
  • New freelancers looking for help and ideas on how to make their new career a profitable success
  • Established freelancers looking to attract more work, retain great clients and increase revenue
  • Freelance web designers, graphic designers, IT consultants, social media marketers, digital consultants, freelance writers and more!


This isn’t a book for people who dream of an easy life as a freelancer, with vague advice about working in coffee shops or getting some spare cash on the side by building a few websites.

This is a business book about the steps it take to get started as a freelancer and what you need to make your career as a freelance consultant a real success – professionally, financially and personally.

This is a practical book based on my own experience and multiple interviews with other successful freelancers.

If you want the real nuts and bolts of being a freelancer along with actions you can take as you make the steps to launch your own freelance career, this is the book for you.



  • Foreword
  • The Freelance Dream
  • Why Write This Book
  • What This Book Will Teach You
  • How The Book is Structured

The New Freelancer

  • The freelance economy in numbers
  • Getting the confidence to go freelance
  • Setting up as a freelancer
  • How to set your rate
  • How to find your first clients
  • How to network
  • How to promote yourself online

The Financial Freelancer

  • The issue of free work
  • Private Company vs Sole Trader
  • Accountants and Bookkeeping
  • Dealing with the tax man
  • Annual returns
  • Self-Assessments

The Productive Freelancer

  • Time management
  • Managing multiple clients
  • Learning to live without a boss (like a boss)
  • Planning/budgeting for holiday and sick pay
  • Work life balance

The Technical Freelancer

  • Using software and apps to run your freelance business
  • Get yourself a freelance website
  • Using social media to promote your freelance services
  • Online freelancing job sites
  • How to win at freelancing online

The Valuable Freelancer

  • Being taken seriously
  • Being seen as a ‘consultant’ rather than a ‘freelancer’
  • How to be more valuable, less disposable
  • How to get rid of a client

Sound good?

Buy the book – £15 / $20 (Gumroad)



So who’s behind Freelance in 30 Days?

Hey, I’m Ben Matthews, a freelance digital consultant and author.

Through consulting with these fantastic clients, I gained the knowledge and expertise to be a successful freelancer, spelled out in Freelance in 30 Days. My goal is to help others get the confidence to make the jump and go freelance.


In 2008 I left my job working for one of London’s fastest growing digital agencies to start my freelance consulting business.

Now I’m one half of a successful digital marketing consultancy business, working alongside my wife to run digital marketing, content marketing and social media campaigns for clients.

There are many similar stories out there. Established consultants leaving their jobs making a viable success as a freelancer, all within a matter of weeks.

Unlike the monotony of a day job or the day-to-day stress of agency life, building up your own freelance consulting business is possible for most of us. Freelancing requires consistent hard work and focus, but those things are within your control and you are more than capable of achieving success as a freelance consultant.


Making money as a freelancer is wonderful—but it is only one benefit. Working with the clients you want to work with, having the flexibility to work when you want, and having the freedom to work where you want are all common side effects of being a freelance consultant.

In my practical new book, I’ll help you to get started and succeed throughout all stages of the launching your career as a freelance consultant.

What Other Freelancers Are Saying

"Don’t just take it from us, let people who have read the book do the talking!" – Liton Ali

“The kind of advice a big brother would give you, rather than SEO fluff.” – Mike Zywina

“Love these tips for freelance consultants by Ben Matthews. Some I’ve followed, some I wish I’d read 6 months ago!” – Lynne Peachey

“Didn’t give this enough love – Ben’s site was my go to when I made the freelance jump.” – Phill Chambers

“Great articles, easy to read and lots of practical information.” – Sarah Ross

“I just read your freelance book – it’s great and wish you’d written it earlier.” – Darren Williams

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course for a specific type of freelancer?

Thousands of freelancers — web designers, copywriters, marketing and social media consultants — will benefit from buying this book. While I can’t cover every career and location, the points made in the book can be applied to a wide range of freelance consultant industries.

What happens after I buy the book?

You’ll immediately be sent the book you purchased — in PDF, ebook and mobi formats — along with a welcome email from me to help you get the most from the book. A few days later, I’ll check in to see how you’re getting on with Freelance in 30 Days and the lessons it contains. I’ll also make sure to send you further updates from this blog, with additional insights and information on how to establish yourself as a freelancer and help you apply the ideas outlined in the book to your freelance business.How will you make sure I’m 100% satisfied with Freelance in 30 Days?" open="on"]

How will you make sure I’m 100% satisfied with Freelance in 30 Days?

The current course is the result of years of experience as an established freelance consultant. If you’re a wannabe freelancer — it doesn’t matter what you want do as a freelancer —but need to get the confidence to finally make the leap as a full time freelancer, I wrote this book for you. If you do buy the book, do the work, and get no results, simply send me an email for a full 100% money back guarantee.Still not sure if Freelance in 30 Days is for you?" open="on"]

Still not sure if Freelance in 30 Days is for you?

Email [email protected] and ask me for more information!

Ready to buy?

Buy the book – £15 / $20 (Gumroad)

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