Updated on 30 May 2024.

This is what I, a human person, am focused on at this point in my life. For short, for now.

Empower Agency
I run an agency that empowers people. It actually does too, or so I’ve been told.

I’m a dad to M (5) and L (3). It’s wonderful. I wrote down some advice for new fathers as I found a lot of the advice out there patronising and generic. Hoping my advice isn’t.

Forest Row, East Sussex
I’ve lived here for over six months now. It’s a village that pretends it’s a town. I’m even starting to like it, after a while. I have an office in the garden in which I work.

One of the ways I explore my new home of Forest Row is jogging (I believe it’s pronounced “Yogging“). I post my best times to Strava. I record my worst times too, but hide them on Strava. I like to post a selfie after each run to show the sweat, tears and pure exhaustion from each run. It’s the best antidote to AI-generated photos I can think of: myself in my most vulnerable humanity: very tired and aware of my physical limitations.