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Hi Ben,

I signed up for this email course, but never got any emails about it ūüôĀ ….sounds great though. Whats happened?


Ben Matthews

Hi Killian, I’ve fixed the site so the course should be on its way to you shortly. Thanks!


Hi Ben,

I’m looking for 3 bits of marketing

Build a website on approx 1 weeks work.
Social media setup on twitter / facebook / instagram with 5 weekly posts going out across all 3
SEO setup for the site and ongoing seo work

Could you please come back to me with prices for each and any tips you may have to get me started


Ashutosh Mishra


I went through your website and we would love to

collabarte with your team on a project.


Hi Ben
The sign up button doesn’t seem to work for the 7-day course
Thanks, Julia

Ben Matthews

Hi Julia – sorry about that, I’ve actually moved the location of the course. You can sign up here – it’s still free!

Ruth Halahmy


I’m Ruth Halahmy, and I’ve a request for some freelance work and thought you might be able to help.

So, I’ve just started a new job at a fintech startup – different to my previous roles, in publishing and most recently at EMAP, Senior Marketing Manager. It’s probably easiest to explain the task over the phone – but essentially I’m looking for a bit of training with AdWords, LinkedIn paid ads. Working at a startup I’m now required to run these accounts by myself! (Rather than outsourcing to an agency – which is what I used to do) Its a bit daunting – especially starting the role online, so would be really useful to go over with an expert, just to check I’m doing everything correctly, so I can then make a great first impression!

Anyways – be great to chat. I’m available on 07772720058

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards
Ruth Halahmy

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