8 Business Branding Trends Freelance Consultants

Marketing trends keep changing every year, so the way you do company branding today will become obsolete next year. You should always start working ahead and catch up with the new trends to beat your competitors.

Creating business leads does not just depend on your marketing frequency but it mostly depends on what you market. Today, you can create leads only if you are able to build brand trust amongst the audience. Hence more than marketing, proper branding can more effectively help any business grow.

We have listed a few branding trends of 2020 which as a freelance branding consultant you should be aware of;

1. Increased Visual Engagement:

Brands are realizing the importance of visual engagement hence they constantly keep using images, illustrations, and infographics on their sites to create the image of the brand. More and more businesses are hiring illustration artists to tap this strategy of gaining brand value. 

It is difficult to hold the attention of audiences due to the fact they have hundreds of solutions for their problems online hence to just have an edge over your client’s competitors, getting more creative and quirkier will give your client’s company an edge over others.

2. Sticking to Minimalistic Approaches:

Minimalism is rocking in every field including branding. Minimalistic branding is much easier to read and visually appealing than any other tacky branding. The concept of minimalism uses a simple graphic, clean colors and easy-to-understand branding processes. 

3. Utilizing Influential Millennials’:

This should be the major shift in the way branding is being done. Earlier, celebrities were used to endorse a brand but today, millennials who have become social media influencers are the ones who can do a better job at branding as audiences connect more to these real people than any celebrity. These influencers post reviews of products that can define the fate of a brand. The power which they possess is real and if harnessed the right way, can give your business branding efforts a good amount of boost.

4. Using More Effective SEO Strategies:

More and more brands are understanding the importance of implementing good SEO for developing the brand image. The usual SEO tactics were to form a team to handle the SEO of the company, in the usual ways but with increased competition, companies are realizing how they need to up their SEO game to get brand recognition in the market. Large organizations are implementing enterprise-level SEO solution with the help of a comprehensive SEO platform, this way, the existing search positions of the brand can resist fluctuations caused by Google algorithm updates and makes sure that the brand attains recognition and trust with searchers and consumers regardless of their purchase intent. 

5. Creating Content for the Right Search Engine:

Earlier companies used to focus majorly on ranking their contents on Google but frankly, it takes time to build high rankings in Google due to its algorithms and the large competition for the same keywords. 

Companies have become smart now and slowly shifting their focus on creating content for search engines where they can easily make a mark by the use of visual content, which is YouTube. YouTube is becoming a large search base as audiences are impatient to read anything hence they prefer watching quick videos. This kind of marketing is growing tremendously, and this is the right time for you to suggest your client’s company to plunge in to get maximum benefits.

6. Focusing on a Larger Audience Group:

Websites are not just designed to be minimalistic but also the layouts used are for mobile-first designs as more than 60% of people access sites through phones and the trend is increasing. Focusing on creating an optimized design gives more people access to your site. Similarly, accessible layouts are the priority in the future to make sure that the differently abled are not discriminated against when it comes to accessing websites. This way you are not just making their life easy, but improving the chances of bringing in more customers.

7. Opting for Creative Online Domain Names:

Getting a domain name with an exact match is both difficult and expensive. The new trend which most new companies are following is to get creative with their domain names to make it a little less formal and more inviting. The advantage is that the domain name is not expensive and also modern users prefer such creative websites as they seem a little less business-like and more personalized. The same principle is applied for their social media handle too.

8. Giving Business Personal Touch:

Gone are the days when customers preferred professional companies. Businesses that give a personal touch are more noticed by the customers nowadays as it feels more genuine. Companies have started putting up the entire teams’ images on the site for customers to learn the real faces behind the brand. This creates a sense of touch. In fact, sites are using the names of the owners as the company name such as neilpatel.com. This guy is an expert in digital marketing and his site is named after him and not the niche but still is one of the top-most searched sites for digital marketing.


The overall trend shift is towards connecting with customers in a meaningful way rather than just looking into making profits. If you are looking to make your client’s company future-ready, then do consider these branding approaches.

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