How To Setup and Run a WordPress Blog on a Custom Domain

Register a domain name
Try to get a .com if possible. Try 123 Reg for available domain names.
Get Matching Social Media Usernames
Also make sure the Twitter username and the Facebook page username of the same name are both free.
Buy Hosting
Once you’ve bought a domain, you’ll need hosting for the site. 123 Reg can do this for you or my favourite provider is 5 Quid Host. Pick on that will automatically install WordPress for you (both 123 Reg and 5 Quid Host do this).
Install A Theme Template
Have a look at Woo Themes and Elegant Themes and pick a theme that you like. Then buy it and add it to the WordPress site.
Customise The Theme
Create a Blog Schedule
Create a spreadsheet and create a content calendar for the next 6 months. This can be very top line, but at least the name of the blog post or article you will publish, 3 times a week – so around 90 in all. This will help you figure out how much content you actually have available, what you’ll need to get, and if you actually have enough to last 6 months! You don’t want to get to the end of the first two months and run out of things to publish… visit for more info.
Connect Your Blog to Your Social Media Channels
Connect Your RSS to an Email Service
Offer an Email Subscribe Option

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