Nobody can succeed on their own

Just read this post from Lane Becker, Co-Founder of Adaptive Path and Get Satisfaction. It’s a great read and reminder of the hardship involved with running a startup and how even the most successful-seeming companies have gone through several make-or-break moments (Zappos being another great example).

Having read and enjoyed the post, it was the very last sentence that really struck a chord with me:

“Nobody can succeed on their own, and nobody can sustain the belief that anything is possible by themselves—better to find the people you trust, hold on to them tight, and change the world together.”

This has been an idea I’ve really felt recently, with a successful fundraising event under our belts (PR Prom) and a positive future ahead for Bright One and Bright Works.

The success behind all of these projects has been the people, who I trust and am aiming to hold on tight to (figarutively, of course…).

And you can be sure we’ll be changing the world together ":)"

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