Moving on from Bright One

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We’ve come along way since Bright One started in September 2008.

Bright One has made great progress, from a small group of people who wanted to change the world for the better in their own small way using the skills they have, to a strong and growing community of volunteers who are making real social impact.

Run 100% by a vibrant volunteer community, Bright One has completed over 50 projects,committed over 10,000 hours of volunteers hours worth over £1.5 million in equivalent service fees.

Bright Works – our task-based volunteering platform that gives causes an easy way to connect with skilled volunteers – has added to this social impact. Bright Works lets third sector organisations connect with a pool of communications volunteers for small,one-off projects through microvolunteering. Since July 2011 it has involved over 100 projects and 400 volunteers to date, and really add to the sustainability and scalability of the work that Bright One does.

By the time September 2012 comes around, I will have been running Bright One for 4 years and this feels like a great milestone for someone else to take over from me and drive Bright One forward for the next period. I want to see this progress continue and now is the time for someone else to lead the community, so I’ll be making way for the next era of Bright One’s growth.

I believe that to build a truly great and sustainable organisation that Bright One needs to grow beyond its founder and I have every confidence in the board of trustees (Elaine, Ian, Laura, Alex, Freddie and Dan), the other members of the management team who make up Bright One and our volunteers, that this will happen to great success.

It’s been a pleasure running the organisation for the past four years and I look forward to its continued success. I’ve made some fantastic friends and learnt so much, so I thank you for the opportunity to work alongside the fantastic clients who believed in us and the volunteers who put in so much towards our shared vision.

As such, Bright One is looking for a new Chief Executive, an enthusiastic leader with energy and passion for innovative and creative solutions to helping charities and non-profits have access to a vibrant community of communications professionals.

The full role description is available here. Please do pass it on to anyone that might be interested in the role.

If you or someone you know are interested in applying for Bright One or have further questions about the role, please email your CV and Cover Letter to Tove Nordstrom at [email protected] before 4 September 2012.

I encourage you to apply – it really is an amazing organisation and a fantastic opportunity for the right person (I should know!)

Here’s the next era of Bright One!

– Ben Matthews, founder, Bright One

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