Millennial Freelancers: Why freelancing is the perfect career for millennials


Millennials are increasingly turning to freelancing – any why shouldn’t they?

Freelancing gives you the flexibility and freedom to work wherever and whenever you want, making it the perfect career for millennials.

That’s according to a new survey by FreshBooks, the online accounting software for freelancers, that found that millennials don’t just work because they have to—they need to find meaning in their work.

Are you a millennial?

Being a millennial means you were born between 1981-1996, making you anywhere from 22 – 37 years old. It’s a pretty big age range, but there are some amazing stats about this demographic.

For example, 56% of millennials work more than 40 hours a week.

Are millennials really the laziest generation? They don’t seem to think so.

In fact, 66% of millennials identify as workaholics. 

To get a better understanding of millennials modern work habits, FreshBooks compiled the Millennial Workaholics Index, which polled a representative sample of 1,000 American freelancers.

Here’s what they discovered:

56% of Millennials Work More Than 40 Hours a Week

They’re 8% more likely to work 40+ hours than those above 45!

1 in 5 millennials say they work over 60 hours in a typical week—and 70% say they’ve worked on the weekend.

32% of Millennials Have Worked in the Bathroom

That’s the percentage who say they’ve invoiced a customer while … multitasking.

Another 27% have invoiced a customer on a date, proving millennials are constantly on the grind even when they’re not in the office.

39% of Millennials Work Overtime Because They Love Their Jobs

While 50% say they work more because they need the money, a solid 2 in 5 are passionate about their work.

This proves millennials don’t just work because they have to—they need to find meaning in their work.

The Weirdest Times Millennials Work

As freelancers, we know that the working day can stretch – but the different between the working day and the weekend is increasingly becoming blurred millennial freelancers:

  1. On the weekend (70%)
  2. When they’re sick (63%)
  3. On their birthdays (63%)
  4. Over the holiday break (51%)
  5. On New Year’s Eve or Day (48%)

There’s plenty more freelance statistics in the infographic below.

Are you a millennial looking to go freelance? Take a look at FreshBooks, who can help with your freelance accounting needs.


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