As part of a coaching programme I am taking part in, I was tasked to ask my colleagues to describe how they see me as leader.

So, I asked some of my team at Empower Agency how they saw me as a leader in an anonymous survey.

Here are their responses:

  • Very helpful and reassuring when questioned about a task he has assigned/is leading. 
  • Sometimes he has a lot going on which makes it difficult for him to continuously lead a task, but he’s always helpful when anything is flagged – and he’s always ready to take on the appropriate amount of responsibility as a leader.
  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ben for over a year. As a leader, I would describe Ben as someone who’s easy to admire and respect. 
  • He has always been approachable and able to help with any last minute work requests, which eases my mind in case I need to take time off last minute.
  • The best quality of Ben’s leadership is his knowledge of the charity sector and his role as a marketer and agency owner. I feel I have a lot more to learn from Ben.
  • Ben is a kind, thoughtful and supportive leader. He is very approachable and helpful whenever there is an issue, and will always put the needs of people in the agency before client work which makes me feel safe to raise any concerns when they arise. 
  • Ben is very proactive when it comes to fixing issues, and always communicates the status of things so it’s clear how long it will take or how far things are along the path to being resolved.
  • I really like how Ben is always recognising everyone’s contributions, out loud, in-person, and in emails – even if they are quite small or seemingly insignificant – it shows how much he values everyone. 
  • There is also no politics or favouring one person over another which can sometimes happen, he treats everyone equally.

I will be speaking to my coach about what this all means, but they have already identified that I have a distributed leadership style.

And two further questions for me to consider:

  1. What’s needed for you to fully step into and let your purpose as a leader and the purpose of your organisation flow through you (and touch you)? 
  2. What’s in the way of being moved by your purpose?

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