Is coworking really worth it for freelancers?


Is coworking really worth it for freelancers?

I am sure some folks vote for it, and some others reject this opinion. We will dig deep into this idea to understand the aspects better.

Coworking has become the talk of the town for the last few years and its demand has increased amongst freelancers around the world. With each passing day, huge numbers of freelancers are deciding to share a space with like-minded professionals.

The rise in this trend is remarkable, and there are no signs of this to be slowing down. New startups are emerging at every corner of the city to utilize unused and low-cost spaces. You may be aware of primary benefits so now we will discuss some other advantages that you should consider as a freelancer to join a community and if you are hesitant than this is the right time to step up and take this decision.


Perks of Coworking Office For Freelancers:

As the freelance economy has increase, the perception of shared coworking spaces has been adopted by different cities and countries around the globe. Statistics show that by 2020, approximately 40% of the coworking community will be freelancers.

This is the new way of working and sharing. Below are some of the significant benefits as under:

Financial Leverage

The financial leverage of coworking is way more than renting your own office. These facilities are cheaper to have access to a fully stocked office space. You will get access to a printer, scanner, and other office equipment without purchasing anything. Some owners even offer computers and subsided services to use in their shared office areas with little more cost.

Furthermore, a freelancer can perform his job in a very calm, relaxed, and peaceful environment. On the other hand, coffee shops and lounges are too noisy to meet clients. Starting up your own office can have high expenditures – not only do you need to consider rent but, you also have to buy in office furniture, insurance and other costs that come along with starting a business from scratch.

Coworking office provides small SME’s and sole proprietors an office they may not otherwise be able to afford along with networking opportunities, and a business environment more professional than the coffee shop down the street.


Optimization of Creativity

“Knowledge, discipline and thinking new ideas are the essence of creativity”, says George Samuel, Brand manager at Premium Jackets.

The approach of working in a shared space can give the option to freelancers for increasing the sense of creativity. It also helps them to update their knowledge and skillset. It requires passion and commitment. A lot of such spaces have access to workshops, tutorials, and other information-sharing practices, which means that you can grow as a professional and have access to the latest ideas.

These spaces also help beginners to get thinking and start their own freelancing career and settling solid foundation. If you need to start your career as a freelancer, the freelance foundation provides you the right skills and tools for that.


Motivational Environment

Motivation is a powerful source of success. Sometimes one loses motivation and finds himself stuck in a situation. People working with you can help you to get rid of that condition with the support. Moreover, it is nearly impossible to figure out how to motivate yourself while you’re drawn in a pool of stagnancy. Motivation is a crucial element in setting and attaining one’s objectives. Research shows that a person can influence his own levels of motivation and self-control.

In coworking office, a freelancer is surrounded by other motivated people, so the tendency of success becomes much higher. Studies have actually shown that around 74% of those who have gone on to work in a coworking space are more productive in their work.

These spaces have an impulse of relationship building, where workers of distinct fields interact and build a sense of belonging in their shared spaces.


Building Strong Business Networks

To build networks with individuals and with businesses is a major aspect of the rapid growth of coworking spaces. A person working from home usually faces a dominant issue that is of isolation. On the other side, when a freelancer rents a desk in a shared office, it would allow him to meet people from whom he can benefit. This practice would make him energized and will help him to get rid of work exhaustion.

Connections and public relations are the fringe profits of such an atmosphere. To get the advantage of relationships established with others are a big reason why people pay to work in a communal space, as opposed to working from home for free or renting an office.

Interacting with different people to start a freelance business and brainstorming new concepts may bring innovative business ideas which could lead to further growth. Other than an innovative approach, a freelancer needs tools to execute that idea and bring it to reality, best freelance tools introduce such advantageous tools which would assist a freelancer setting for a new business.


Flexibility in the Workplace

Flexibility in the workplace allows freelancers to make arrangements about working conditions that are required. This facilitates them in maintaining a work/life balance. In fact, it can help to improve the productivity and efficiency of the projects. One of the best use of coworking area is that it suits whatever freelancing assignment you’re working on, no matter how small or undefined it is.

Finally, many coworking shared spaces offer amenities like kitchens stocked with snacks & beverages, meeting rooms, even couches, and other places to take a comfortable break.

As coworking spaces provide 24/7 accessibility, the members have the flexibility to work as per their need and availability. They can accomplish their tasks in whatever time they are required as if long hours are necessary under a deadline bar so that they can stay as much as they need to get the job done.



In a coworking portion, people with different nature, and profession works at the same time. It means that there is a great chance that you have to complete your responsibilities within a distractive environment which might be avoided in an individual/private office. Before you commit to such space, consider your personality and work style. Of course, there are productive freelancers, who prefer an isolated environment and don’t feel that they need the extra motivation and enthusiasm you get from a coworking space.

This fast-growing trend is hitting skies and its demand has skyrocketed, new startups are operating at every corner of the city and using every under-utilized space and turning it to purposeful site. Now, further questions are being asked: what if economic growth slows and a new financial crisis emerges?


In a nutshell

As we have discussed the pros and cons of the coworking community for freelancers, you should consider both aspects and figure out what suits you best. Undoubtedly the benefits of working in the community will be an excellent move for you and will give a chance to present yourself as you interact with other peoples.

This new trend is turning unused spaces the other way around to a productive working place to fulfill the need for SME’s and freelancers. Instead of working solely, coworking is a new and exciting way to accomplish work by a freelancer.


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