How to transfer a website from Wix to WordPress

When your business expands, you may consider moving from Wix to WordPress.

WordPress is bigger in many aspects and provides a wider choice of installable plugins that definitely will make your business soar.

The following article will show you how this is possible and provide a step-by-step process on how to transfer your site from Wix to WordPress without losing any of your SEO benefits.

Does Wix support transfers to WordPress?

The list of solutions that was recommended by reliable sources here offers the transferring option if you ever think of changing website platform.

For example, you can migrate from Squarespace by using its limited export functionality and transfer your website to Wix or WordPress via their import functionality.

Some compatibility issues might be a challenge to those who had no prior experience with editing code or CSS. Website transfer is possible whenever the content exchange is declared as working, yet one should also know how to deal with the subsequent data loss or site navigation in case of force-majeure and customized code pieces. Therefore, transferring from one website platform to another exists yet has its own internal requirements one should follow.

Often, webmasters prefer using WordPress instead of other platform options relying on its functionality. On the other hand, some more web hosting expertise is required to secure strong platform accessibility and the general possibility of website transfers.

With Wix, you mostly rely on your own SEO strategy and apply those methods of higher Google search visibility. For WordPress, you can perform more control and statistics over your SEO traffic, and this is one of the reasons why ranking rises so drastically.

These options may be prioritized for e-commerce sites that should be listed as high in the Google search as possible.

Some of your blog posts may require direct manual transfer to the new WordPress site, which takes time and energy.

Prior to upgrading your site to WordPress, you need to be ready to edit some code and ensure its functioning. Let’s see how to perform such a transfer below.

How to transfer from Wix to WordPress?

You need to sign up for a WordPress web host and domain name. As you set up your site, choose all the necessary options that you require for the efficient transferring from one place to another.

You can move your site through an RSS feed or merely do it manually through the main menu.

For some, such an approach can take a lot of effort and be rather complicated, so get ready for transferring your website through RSS for more opportunities.

Enter your Wix account and get ready to move your site outside the platforms though these simple steps:

  1. Go to your site’s dashboard.
  2. Click Site Actions.
  3. Click Transfer Site.
  4. Enter the recipient’s email address.
  5. Click Transfer Site – Close.

Wix support warns that some crucial aspects should be considered while you move your site elsewhere:

  • Secrets Manager will not be moved into the new directory as you alter the location of your site.
  • Statistical calculations will drop out and start from the beginning.
  • Digital files require re-uploading as they will not move along with digital products. This is particularly important for Wix Stores and other valuable resources connected to them.
  • Stay cautious over the multiple transfers. If you add another user to the transfer list prior to the end of the first transfer, the first one will be canceled. This may disrupt information delivery or cause data loss.
  • All blog posts should be edited before their transfer to the new location. If you wished to change some of their contents beforehand, you could fairly do so as they will lose their editing tools. Thus, deleting and editing posts should be performed before transfer.

As you did everything of the above, we go through the very process of importing your site into WordPress. As you’ve already established your site and purchased the domain name, you only need to import the very information that you’ve saved to your computer as a result of the prior steps.

The safest way of transferring your website is through RSS. The following instruction enables you to save your site as an RSS feed and easily fit it into the WordPress importer though the intuitive interface:

  1. Download your Wix RSS file where you have all your site info. Add  /feed.xml or /blog-feed.xml to your Wix website URL to do so.
  2. This will open to the Code page of your website. Click Save As to have it as a file on your computer.
  3. Log in to WordPress and click Tools – Import.
  4. Run Importer and choose the file you’ve downloaded before and click Upload File and Import.
  5. Check the result and have fun with your newly-expanded WordPress website. If some of the blog posts are lacking or can be found in different places, you can check server compatibility once again and try exporting them again. If this does not help, edit them manually through Copy-Paste into the WordPress editor.

Conclusion: Transfer from Wix to WordPress

The transfer from Wix to WordPress allows you to gain access to more SEO tools, boost your business expansion, and get extra traffic through their beneficent Google ranking. Moving from one platform to another is an easy yet meticulous procedure that requires attention and compatibility of the servers.

Luckily, both Wix and WordPress allow site migration, as well as their importing into the WordPress page.

The most reliable way of posting information into the WordPress page is RSS transfer based on the code saving as an RSS file and further installing into the WordPress Importer.

This will prevent the majority of data loss and help a website owner avoid manual data copy-pasting into the new WordPress sandbox.

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