How to Pick a Highly Profitable Freelance Writing Niche


Have you been having a hard time selecting the perfect freelance writing niche?

Choosing the perfect freelance writing niche is similar to choosing the perfect outfit for a first date. You have tons of choices, but without confidence, you will not feel like you look your best.

If you are on the verge of giving up on selecting a niche, remember that to make it as a freelance writer, you ought to be in a highly profitable niche that will offer you consistent and lucrative work.

Having a niche helps to develop expertise, which increases your chances of landing high paying jobs. Once you develop niche expertise, you learn where the right facts, information, and statistics are and this makes your assignments a lot easier to handle.

Freelancers who have niche expertise have an easier time developing story ideas. With the right knowledge, it also becomes easier to interpret and write about emerging trends and ideas.

With time, experienced freelancers can increase their rates and get more high paying clients.

How can you choose the best niche and enjoy the perks of being regarded as an expert in your field? 

Build confidence

Without confidence, you cannot believe in your ability to give expert views and opinions in any niche.

How can you build confidence?

You can build confidence by writing on many topics to help improve your writing skills.

If you are a newbie or you probably have not decided what to write about, try writing as many topics as you can.

In doing so, you will improve your writing skills but also identify the topics you enjoy writing about and those that you don’t.

Look at supply and demand

After identifying the topics, you like and those that you do not, look at the supply and demand.

There are many niches where supply is higher than demand.

This means that there are many freelancers with a limited number of businesses to hire them.

Unless you are very confident in your skills and ability to write unique content, do not venture into a saturated niche.

To find out if a niche is saturated, Google the name of the niche plus other keywords.

For instance, Google the niche travel plus the keyword blog, and you will see the number of travel blogs there are.

Alternatively, you can find out if there is a demand for content in your niche of choice by looking at the jobs posted on freelance job boards.

By finding out if a niche is saturated, you’ll avoid spending your time on an industry that will not give you a high ROI.


Look at your experience and passion

Looking at your experience and passion are an excellent way to find a niche.

If you have experience working in a certain industry, chances are that you will be most comfortable writing about it.

The same case applies to topics that you are passionate about.

Experience and passion serve as guiding lights if you are not in writing for the money.

While most freelancers write to make money, freelance writing is not always about the money.

Some people venture into writing because they are experienced in a specific industry, passionate about some topics, or they seek autonomy.

Freelance Writing Niche Examples

Some of the niches you can venture into due to passion or experience include:

  • Academic editing and writing

Most academic writers venture into this niche because they have vast experience in their fields of specialty. For instance, if you have been a Human Resource professor or manager for two years, you can write scholarly essays out of experience.

The academic writing industry is filled with quacks masquerading as professionals, and the input of a qualified professional is not only valued, but also in high demand. However, choosing a reliable essay company is not easy. You can overcome this challenge by seeking the services of reliable essay writing companies on review blog.

  • Case study writing

Case studies are one of the most lucrative niches because they offer the social proof that companies need to drive sales.

Case studies are like testimonials, but instead of just writing a sentence or two about a customer’s experience, they tell a story about a customer’s transformation after using a product. If you are a highly skilled marketer, you can help organizations drive sales using case studies.


  • Video scripts writing

Do you have lots of experience in script writing? You can make a decent buck, while pursuing your passion, by writing scripts for sales page videos, YouTube videos, home page videos, and many more.

For starters, begin by writing a script for an eye-catching video for your website, and this will attract clientele who want videos that convert.

  • Sex and relationships

Being in a bad relationship is not only stressful, but it can also affect your performance in other areas of life. Thus, before people begin dating, they want to know if they are getting into a relationship with the right person, and they type of challenges to expect.

Also, people who are in bad relationships want tips to make them work or to break up without hurting the other person. Love makes the world go round; hence there is always a demand for advice on how to find love.


Create eye-catching samples

After you have identified the niche you prefer to write about, create content that will help you to showcase your expertise.

As a new freelancer, you may not have any samples yet, and clients might have a hard time verifying that you are versed to handle the jobs they give you.

To get samples, guest post on sites in your niche or better yet, create your own simple site, write content for the site, and use that content as samples.

One of the inexpensive sites you can begin with is WordPress. You can open a free or premium personal website on WordPress, depending on your budget.

If you desire to have another type of site aside from WordPress, ensure that you choose a web designer with reasonable rates to create your site.

Most importantly, identify your target market and carefully create content that is in line with their needs if you want to keep readers coming back to your site.

Every day, there is a demand for new content for search engines, academics, and businesses.

You can help to meet this demand by being a freelance writer.

For whichever reason you choose to be a freelancer, having an area of specialty allows you to hone your writing skills which, in turn, increases the demand for your services on the market.

Ensure that you use the tips discussed in this article to find a lucrative niche that will help to fulfill your needs.

Don’t worry This is something that almost every freelance writer undergoes at the onset of their career.

About the writer: Carol Duke is very keen on teaching students new, effective ways of learning. When not freelancing and blogging on marketing-related matters, Carol enjoys traveling, taking immense pleasure from visiting new countries.

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