How to Improve The Productivity of Your Marketing and Sales Team

It is natural that you want to put in more effort when you don’t get the expected results. However, such may not be the solution as results can still be underwhelming. Quality should always be preferred to quantity.

Therefore, using the same approach and expecting different results don’t make sense. You are doing too many tasks on your own at the moment. I do believe in the idea of working smarter instead of harder.

This is why I have managed to come up with some tips that can help improve your sales team’s productivity.

Effective prospecting

In the aspect of prospecting, quality has always been preferred to quantity. Talking about sales strategy, it is very important that you identify those that will qualify as your leads. The goal is ensuring that you have qualified leads that perfectly fit into your company’s buyer persona.

You need to know your prospective leads. This will not only help in effective communication but enable you to know which group of prospective customers нщг focus on. It can help you save money and time in the long run.

Ensure that the ideal customer’s profile has been properly narrowed down. This will help you to make your marketing efforts targeted. After doing this, use an email extractor to find emails to later reach out to.


Emailing time should be scheduled

There is always time for everything including the emails sending. If you get distracted during the process of sending emails, it may be difficult to achieve your goals eventually. For instance, there is time to send emails while there is also a separate time for replying messages.

Don’t mix the things up as this can make you less productive. Set aside a time when messages can be replied every day. In case you are always checking messages and don’t know how to stop, below, are some strategies you can try out today:

Notifications should be turned off

Notifications can easily distract you. Even when your phone is notifying you about a new message and you don’t plan to check it, it is still a form of distraction. This can affect your productivity negatively.

Incoming messages should be stopped

If you find it hard to get notifications turned off, try to ‘‘pause’’ the messages using a free application like Boomerang. You will work according to plan on a daily basis when your incoming emails are stopped.


Sales automation tools should be used

Through the use of sales software, various activities will be automated. These could be follow-ups, an outreach process, and scheduling of calls within one platform. A budget-conscious sales team may consider tools like these to be unnecessary. Why trying to spend money on such tools when these are activities you can easily handle yourself? There is also the problem of getting the software setup.

Through the use of automation software, your sales team will become more efficient and effective. For instance, they can find emails of leads and reach out to a wider audience with these tools.

There are lots of free tools you can take advantage of to improve your productivity today. Through their use, there is a better organization of workflow, data recording, and lots of others. The software can also help measure as well as optimize the overall performance of your team.

This is evident in how a team is making progress with clients that can be tracked using the software.

Given this kind of data, your team will understand the aspect that needs to be focused on to maximize time and profits.

Researching of prospects

If everything you know about carrying out research on your prospect is getting their email addresses and names, you are very wrong. Don’t ever go into any sales call without adequate preparation. Rather, ensure that you’ve prepared very well before deciding to give your prospects a call or write to them.

If you understand your prospects very well, you can become more innovative in the way you present offers. The sales process will be smoother through a few minutes of research on prospects. The best part is that there will be improved conversion rates.

One strategy that you adopt before writing to prospects is researching them on Google and Linkedin. By identifying what they consider as important, you will be able to know how to leave an indelible impression on them. You can refer to any of their recent activities like written content or videos. This shows that they aren’t just on your subscribers’ list. This will give you a better productivity rate and help you prepare adequately to answer questions that prospects may have about your offer.

Another aspect of research that you can carry out is to verify emails of your prospects to know which ones are active. After getting their emails extracted, ensure they are verified. This process will help you know how many emails are to be targeted during the process of sending messages.

Lead scoring automation

You are losing money by not identifying what makes up your leads. They may be put off once you are trying to sell them something straight away. On the other hand, they may decide to patronize your competitor when you wait for too long.

Through lead scoring, you will be able to know the right time to carry out a follow-up. You can make use of a tool like Marketo for lead scoring. This will help you track your prospective customers to know the actions they are taking in response to the messages you are sending them. A notification will be sent to you once your prospective customers get to a particular stage. This makes you know when to send messages that can convert.

Through this kind of automation, you will have enough time to handle other aspects of your business. For instance, it will help you identify leads that can easily convert at a given period. You will channel your resources towards these leads to close the sale.


Aligning sales and marketing teams

Most companies make the mistake of treating their sales and marketing teams separately. Although they are different teams to some extent, trying to work with your marketing team as a manager will help you achieve more success.

The revenue of your company could be affected adversely once these two teams are treated separately. Through effective communication between them, a funnel that contains targeted leads can be created.


Regular communication

Meetings should be held on a regular basis with team members. This could be on a monthly or weekly basis. It can help boost their level of productivity. The best is doing it on a weekly basis to allow team members to get their struggles as well as accomplishments synced up.

Try to check in on sales reps to know how they are performing. Meetings have been known to be a waste of time since they may take too much time without any defined agenda. They should be made to be brief and concise.

What should actually be covered during these meetings? The time should be used to get your people motivated. Also, identify those areas that require improvements. Feedbacks can also be gotten from your team within such time. You can use the suggestions they will bring to achieve a higher level of productivity.

When employees feel that their ideas are considered important by the company, they make further suggestions. This can help your company grow and become competitive in the long run.


If a high level of productivity will be achieved in any business, the focus shouldn’t be ignored. This applies to every business. There are too many distractions around at the moment. This number will only increase with the passage of time and your daily goals stand the risk of not being achieved. Although everything is becoming fast-paced, most people have a very short attention span.

If there is anything that is currently making you not to focus, ensure that it is eliminated. This could be getting notifications turned off as explained above. There is also the idea of getting time created for tasks to be completed.


If you are a sales rep or manager, there is no doubt that the above tips can help you achieve your set goals and objectives in a timely manner. When your sales get aligned with these tips, you will definitely convert in a much better way.

This is only the beginning as the implementation of these tips will help you become more creative in your business. You will discover more effective ideas that can make your company become more competitive. In a nutshell, using the tips above will help you improve the productivity of your sales team.

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