How to Find New Clients as a Freelancer

Becoming a freelancer is one of the best decisions you can make in your life. The thought of working for yourself without having anyone monitoring or managing you can be exciting. However, one of the biggest challenges as a freelancer is finding new clients – especially if you are just starting.

At times, you’ll notice that you are spending most of your time hunting clients instead of working. Now that you are on your own, it’s up to you to learn how to manage your time effectively. 

Like any other field, the bottom is usually crowded but the top has more than enough space. Remember, some successful freelancers are working less and making more money while the majority scramble to get clients.

Successful freelancers were at one point, unsuccessful freelancers. They started with nothing and ended up at the top. How did this happen? Today, we are going to answer this question by sharing with you some of the best strategies to get new clients who will compensate you well. Keep reading!

Define your target market

According to professional writer services, you need to start thinking like a business owner because that’s what you are. Every successful business has a target market. It’s important to know and understand the type of people who will be interested in your services. 

The clearer you are, the higher your chances of success. The majority of freelancers are general and vague. They don’t know their target market and this makes it difficult for them to get new clients with the right projects. 

You can define your target market by what you enjoy doing most of the time. For instance, if you love working out and helping other people live healthy lives, your niche should be health and fitness. If you are into technology, there is the IT niche. Once you figure out your niche, everything will be easy for you.

Complete your profile and update it regularly

As essay reviewer reports, when you complete your profile, you increase your chances of being hired by a new client by 70%. If you fail to complete your profile, most clients will ignore you because it screams that you are not a serious person.

Every section of your profile should showcase your most important skills. Therefore, you should take your time when creating your profile. Remember, your profile is a reflection of who you are as a person. Let your profile help you in building trust with clients.

If you’ve completed a course and developed a new skill, do not forget to highlight it in your profile. You never know the one thing that could get a new client interested in working with you.

Create content online

One of the best ways to get new clients is to add a blog to your profile. The majority of freelancers have done it and it has greatly increased their earnings. 

The majority of new clients will want to see your writing samples before they start working with you. And having a blog is one of the best ways to showcase your writing skills and knowledge in your area of expertise.

If you decide to create a blog or website, paper writers recommend WordPress. WordPress is a paid web hosting that has tons of cool features that will make your posts extremely appealing. Plus, it will show your clients that you are a serious freelancer who is focused on becoming successful. 

Avoid free web hosting sites because they offer a lower bandwidth and scream to clients that you are not willing to invest your money to improve your business.

Lastly, every article you publish on your site or blog should be appealing to your target market. Never publish an article for the sake of publishing otherwise it will cost you big time.

Create content for others

When you create content for others, you make it easier for people to read your work. And this includes potential clients. According to assignment help, guest writing is one of the best ways to market yourself in the online world. If you dread writing for other sites, you can create videos, infographics or take pictures with a link to your site beneath them. 

The higher the number of people sees your work, the higher the chances of getting hired. Another point to keep in mind is quality is better than quantity. You should only post or create something that your target market will be interested in.

Update your LinkedIn regularly

Some of the best clients and recruiters search for freelancers on LinkedIn. Plus, your LinkedIn profile will appear on the search results when someone Googles your name. Having an outdated LinkedIn profile will cost you big time. If you’ve been wondering why you don’t get new clients, your LinkedIn profile could be the cause.

Ensure that LinkedIn profile summarizes all your relevant skills and achievements, has relevant work samples and a clear good looking profile photo. Also, remember to add the recommendations from the clients you’ve worked with. Keeping your LinkedIn polished by updating it regularly will create a memorable impression.

Network in person

According to a report compiled by essay writing service uk, attending freelancer events and conferences and meeting new people is one of the best ways to create great long-lasting relationships. Most freelancers prefer being lone wolves. While this has its advantages, you’ll find it difficult to get potential clients. 

You need to create relationships with other freelancers in your area. To find freelancer events and conferences near you, all you need to do is Google. Remember, no technology can replace face to face networking.

Cold email potential client

You don’t have to be scared to send cold emails to potential clients. The majority of freelancers have done it and it has proven to be a very effective technique. When cold emailing, you need to show the client that you know him or her and how his or her work has helped you move forward. This means that you should take some time to go through the client’s work.

Secondly, you should be ready to work for free and receive some advice before getting paid work. Clients are interested in freelancers who do something because they love it; not because of money.

Finally, your message should revolve around the clients’ niche and interests. For instance, if you are a health and fitness freelancer, you should be cold emailing clients with health and fitness blogs and websites.


One of the best and cheapest ways to get new clients and earn more money is referrals. According to Ukwritings, one potential client can help you get at least thirty extra clients. All you have to do to get referrals is to treat your clients well.

This means that you should communicate and update them on the progress you’ve made on a project. The majority of freelancers wait until the client communicates with them. You should never allow this to happen. If you won’t be able to submit the work at a specified date, tell your client early enough to avoid causing inconveniences.

You should develop a sense of urgency. Whenever a client assigns you a project, you should start working on it immediately so that you can deliver high-quality work on time. A client can never refer you to other clients if you are always submitting low-quality work late.


Freelancing is a great path for anyone willing to work harder and persist. When you get several reliable clients who are willing to pay for your services, everything will change for the better. As you’ve seen, it’s not difficult to get new potential clients. You need to take your work seriously and do what other successful freelancers have done. Happy freelancing!

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