How Charities Are Using Instagram to Engage Their Communities


Instagram, the mobile photo sharing community, are doing a great job of showcasing how different charities are using the platform to engage with a new community of users, all through sharing photos.

They list 3 examples in their post on Nonprofit organizations using Instagram: Robin Hood NYC, Oceana and Charity: Water.

Here’s the tactics being used by those 3 charities to tell their stories:

  • Use Instagram to live stream fan photos from a fundraising event
  • Develop a custom photo visualization using Instagram’s API.
  • Encouraging Instagrammers to share their photos of engaging with your cause ocean.
  • Hashtag photos appropriately to get them included among the other relevant photos already on Instagram
  • shares photos from the field to show the impact of your work
  • Take snapshots from around the office to show what the team is working on

Know any other charities using Instagram in innovative ways? You can send an email to [email protected] and might even get featured by them!

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