Glamping at Leeds Castle

Glamping at Leeds Castle

Glamping at Leeds Castle is a little luxury in stunning surroundings.

Set in the beautiful grounds of Leeds Castle in Kent, UK, the Knight’s Glamping was a Bank Holiday escape from the city for us – and it worked out wonderfully.

We’ve never been glamping before (have been camping) so weren’t sure what to expect, so we came prepared with walking boots, fleeces, torches and plenty of layers.

We arrived in the early evening and found our way to the glampsite relatively easily (there are signs throughout the ground, but it can help to ask at the gate for directions!)

The view from the top of the glampsite

Once parked, we were shown round the glampsite by Jack, who gave us everything we needed, answered our questions about what there was to do around the castle and took our order for breakfast in the morning (tea, coffee, croissants and local jam for us).

The best bit about the glamping were the tents themselves. These are several steps above normal tents and more luxurious than many hotel rooms we’ve stayed in.

The tents are designed to look medieval, with two supporting pillars and stripy canvas on the outside. The inside is suprisingly cosy, with a wood burning furnace, a four poster bed (!) and plenty of fleece rugs to keep us warm. The inside of the tent was wool lined, so we were warm inside the tent – a nice change from normal camping!

Inside the glamping tent

Each tent has a seating area in front, with canvas chairs and a small table – perfect for evening drinks or relaxing in the morning.

There is an area with barbecues and benches for cooking marshmallow round the fire in the evening or cooking sausages in the morning, which we didn’t use but looks like a great addition.

Family seating area with barbeque pits

Going to sleep in a warm and comfortable bed while the embers glowed from the dying furnace, we could definitely see that this was the ‘glam’ part of glamping. And a definite change from the normal cold and uncomfortable sleep you get from sleeping bags and roll mats.

The rest of the weekend was spent exploring the grounds – the maze, falconry displays, gardens and the castle itself. There are plenty of other reviews on Leeds Castle itself, so I’ll leave those to do the talking for the castle itself.

Four poster bed with royal crest

A few things to note:

  • It is still camping so does get cold at night – bring walking boots and fleeces!
  • The clean toilets and hot showers are in the cottage at the top of the site, which were well looked and cleaned after throughout
  • The phone signal drops towards the bottom of the site, but there is wifi throughout (Password: Glamping13)
  • If the weather is bad, there is a room you can use in the cottages at the top of the site, with a furnace and Sky TV / DVD player

All in all, a lovely weekend for getting away from it all with Knight’s Glamping at Leeds Castle, and just a few hours from London. Highly recommended!

3 thoughts on “Glamping at Leeds Castle”

  1. This looks excellent…
    Gutted that Leeds Castle is no where near Leeds though – Kent is a bit of a trek from St Andrews, just for a couple of nights!
    Keeping it in mind though!

  2. Hi Ben,

    Was just digging about to see if everyone else thought it was as good as we did, its an amazing place on its own and the restaurant vie over the castle at night really was brilliant, we did manage to get a thundery night that actually made the experience quite interesting.

    If you want to try it again there is also some amazing ones up in Scotland starting to spring up, not quite the same as glamping in a tent, you get a treehouse instead!

    Check our our photo’s here.


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