Freelancers and mental health

Whilst working independently has many benefits, freelancers occasionally feel isolated and alone, which can lead to a negative impact on their mental health and in turn have an impact on their work.

Here are some statistics on freelancers and mental health:

  • According to Epson research, 25% of freelancers have experienced depression and 21% of freelancers have felt suicidal due to loneliness
  • 45% of freelancers say that poor mental health has affected their ability to work
  • 52% of freelancers experience irregular work and 41% have an inconsistent cash flow, according to a research report by Aldermore.

We want to help change how freelancers approach their mental health.

Thar’s why FreeTrain have teamed up with and we are inviting all of our members to sit and work together for mental health on 10 October 2019.

What is Work Together Day?

Freelancers are coming together to work towards better mental health.

There’s a group of communities and networks doing our part to create a more supportive world for modern workers.

For this year’s World Mental Health Awareness Day, we’re encouraging our members to come and work together to support each others’ mental health.

As Matthew Knight, founder of, said in a recent interview with Dell, looking after freelancers is a no-brainer for companies. “Independent workers are key part of modern work. If the future of work is built upon more agility, more independence, and diverse talent, make sure you’re supporting them.”

How does it work?

Between 10am-12pm on 10 October 2019, we’re asking freelancers to sit and work with other freelancers, to spend time with others who understand the experience, to share stories, to connect, to support each other.

Just tell where you’re going to be, invite your freelancing friends, and help us raise awareness of this important issue, and consider making a donation to Mind, the Mental Health charity.

How can you take part?

There are three simple steps to join in:

  1. Tell where you’ll be sat.
  2. Invite your fellow freelancers.
  3. Improve our collective mental health.

Register to Participate

Who else is taking part in Work Together Day?

Leapers are building a list of friends taking part, and where you can meet up with others.

Make sure you tell them which city you’re taking part in when you sign up, so they can let you know of local events near you.

What about companies that hire freelancers? are also asking all employers to encourage their freelancers to find the other freelancers within your building and have coffee together.

Companies are also encouraged to make a suitable donation to Mind, the mental health charity, of £3 per freelancer you’re currently working with.

How do I find out more about Work Together Day?

Head to to sign up to Work Together Day.

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