Freelance Is My Hobby: 10 Perks of Having a Part-Time Job over a Full-Time One

The rise of freelancing career has had a positive impact on the lifestyle of many. To those who felt caught in the office cubicles with 9 to 5 jobs, the concept of freelancing was fresh and provided excellent prospects. 

Not just with employees, freelancing has inspired the student community as well. More and more learners switch from having to take up full-time jobs to opting for a more comfortable pace. The gig economy in the United States alone is expected to rise to 64.8 million by 2020. 

However, there are still many who are contemplating the idea, thinking whether it would suit their lifestyle or what changes it may bring. So take a look at what the experienced freelancers have to say about the perks of going freelance. 

Earn Extra Money 

Let us start the first point by addressing students.

The primary reason students look for jobs is to earn extra money.

However, most of the jobs available for students are extremely demanding that it does not give them enough time to focus on studies.

So learners go in search of reliable services that offer write my essay for me options online.

Part-time jobs, on the other hand, provide more flexibility while allowing you to earn money as well.

Feel Flexible 

From the location to the type of work you do, freelancing provides more flexibility than any other option. One can choose to go independently either part-time or full time depending on the needs. Students can even work from their dorm rooms, cutting down additional costs of getting to work as well. 

Choose the Client 

While most jobs tell you whom you have to work for, being a freelancer gives one the freedom of choice with projects and assignments. Many people find this feature the most attractive part of the job description. 

This article discusses why freelancers might be happier than those who choose traditional jobs and permanent positions. 

You can freelance like a boss too!

Managing Money 

If you have been an amateur when it comes to managing your finances, freelancing will certainly make you a professional. Along with its many perks, the unpredictable flow of money will make you more cautious about spending. Consequently, you will also focus on building your savings and become more financially aware. Freelancers tend to have a better grasp of budgeting and money management skills. 

Sharpen Your Skills

Having a part-time job apart from your studying or other jobs will present a broader scope to expand your skill-set. You could also be acting as part of a team, that will help you pick up some transferable skills along the way. Attention to detail, hard work, and effective communication would prove helpful in any career. 

More Opportunities 

Working part-time on one or more jobs certainly opens more doors for more job opportunities. It helps in building a diverse portfolio across many professions and by collaborating with many clients. 

In most positions, you will be focusing on one field alone, whereas in freelancing, you can deliver any skill you have on your own terms. More employers who are hesitant to hire full-time employers are often rather enthusiastic about part-time freelancers. 

Managing Your Time 

Out of the many perks of such jobs, one skill that you will undoubtedly earn is managing time. Freelancers juggle between career, educational, and personal issues while working through their busy schedules within strict deadlines. 

Self-employed people are more organized and dedicated to the jobs they commit to. 

Professional Networking

A part-time job undeniably allows you to engage with more than one client. This will benefit making connections in the professional world. You will gain experience in a variety of fields in different job conditions and meet new people who could further deliver more jobs to you. 

Professional networking as a freelancer is important.jpeg

Be Your Own Boss

Freelancers are basically their own bosses; this means that you can always work on your own terms. If you do not like cooperation with a particular client, you can simply refuse to work together again. 

In a global survey, it was found out that 79% of employers quit jobs because of a lack of appreciation. Freelancing gives you a way out of such job environments. 

Health and Happiness

Above all, having flexibility has resulted in improved mental health among many freelancers. Especially for those with family, the ability to adapt to your work demands comes as the number one reason for choosing the field. For students, too, it provides more ease and control over the studying process and balances college education. 

Wrapping Up

Working independently and part-time has its advantages, but it is up to you to weigh the pros and cons that suit your lifestyle. Freelancing could help you find the right balance to reap its benefits and make your life easier. 

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