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Calin from Freelance Business Guide invited me to contribute to his Freelance Inspiration Infographic and I was more than happy to help inspire other freelancers on their journey.

Being called a "leading freelancer" was a great compliment, given the other names appearing alongside me on the infographic.

The likes of Sara Horowitz, Justin Jackson and Paul Jarvis are freelancers that I’ve been following, learning from and getting inspired by ever since I can remember being a freelancer.

It’s also great to discover new inspiring freelancers to check out, such as Julie Elster, Kai Davis and Brent Galloway.

The quotes themselves are copied underneath the infographic and it’s worth checking out Freelance Business Guide for even more inspiration.

What quotes give you the most inspiration as a freelancer? Let me know in the comments below!

The Freelance Inspiration Infographic


11 Inspirational Freelance Quotes

“The biggest challenge I overcame while growing my consulting business wasn’t convincing my clients to pay me more money or chasing after invoices. Rather, the biggest challenge was internal — convincing myself that I was worth the rate I wanted to charge and raising my rates from $25/hour to $100/hour, $1,000/day, and $5,000+/week. And you know what? As I’ve increased my prices, the clients I’ve worked with have turned out to be better, more receptive to my advice, and see us as partners instead of viewing me as a laborer on their project.

So, dear consultant, know this: the easiest way to get paid more is to raise your rates. And the only person in the world who can stop you? That’s you.”

Kai Davis

“Don’t ever be afraid to pick up your phone. Seven figure business owners don’t survive unless they pick up the phone and make that real connection to their clients. Email can be a crutch in client communication. If you need something, call.”

Julie Elster

“To truly excel in a consulting career, you need to sell your brain. Your strategy, knowledge, and advice will always be more valuable than your hands. Help your clients reduce risk, and build value, not just complete tasks. Don’t sell your time, sell clients a better version of their life.”

Kurt Elster

“In order to shape the industry for the better, you have to create high standards and stick to them no matter what.

As a business person, it’s your responsibility to know your core values and to pass them along to anyone that works with you. You might feel obligated to give in to a client’s request for the sake of landing the job or to get paid. You might fear that you have to do absolutely anything to stay ahead of your competition. But the secret is – you don’t have competition! As a freelancer, there will always be someone beneath you charging next to nothing for the same services you offer, but the clients that go to those people aren’t clients you should want to work with.”

Brent Galloway

“You can think of freelancing as volatile and risky, or as flexible and opportunity-rich.
Doesn’t having multiple sources of income and multiple moneymaking skills sound less risky than putting all your eggs in one employer’s basket?

Freelancing lets you shift gears when the world does.”

Sara Horowitz
Freelancers Union, Author of The Freelancer’s Bible

“Start with a tiny project and start now.

Making and selling things is quite hard. You can’t just show up and win; you need to ramp up slowly.”

Justin Jackson

“Position yourself as more of a consultant and less of a freelancer. Freelance work tends to be transactional, where you’re delivering directly on a service that a client had asked you to provide. The client asks you to complete a project, you deliver on that project. The difference with being a consultant is that you are looking to deliver value to a client. This approach can mean a large difference in the value a client sees in your work and the fee you get paid.”

Ben Matthews

“Most reasons to delay are invalid if you get right to the core: no time, no money, no audience. These are all future concerns, which make it hard to start anything. Worry about those things later or not at all. Make small decisions at first, and start moving in a direction that feels right.”

Paul Jarvis

“Remember, nobody is hiring you just because you can design, write, market or code… they’re hiring you because they have a business problem. Your service (in their mind and yours) provides the solution to that problem, so focus on that rather than skill-jargon, buzzwords and vague lists of qualifications.”

Liam Veitch

“As a freelancer your biggest advantage is that you only need a handful of clients to succeed. Most companies need to find thousands of customers. You only need to find one at a time.”

Robert Williams

“Don’t freelance to make a living – freelance to make a life. Money is important – but when you hit ruts, work 16 hour days and get that tough feedback, it’s going to be something else that motivates you. You need to remember why you started and keep it in focus.”

Joel Klettke

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