Freelance book now available


I wrote a book about freelancing! It’s called “Freelance in 30 Days” and you can buy it here.

This book aims to get you excited, inspired and absorbing insight into what it takes to go freelance, attracting your first clients, standing out as a high-profile freelancer, and building a valuable pipeline of new business for your freelance consulting business.

I believe you can make it as a freelancer. This freelance book will help you along the way.

Here’s a bit about the book in numbers:

  • 42,562 words
  • 210 pages
  • 100 days to write and publish the whole book
  • 42 chapters
  • 10 interviews with freelancers included in the book
  • 3 convenient formats – PDF (for Mac or PC), EPUB (for iPad, iPhone, Android, and ebook readers), MOBI (for Kindle)
  • 0 spelling errors (according to Amazon)
  • 100% happiness guarantee (if you buy the book)

I’m planning a follow up post to let you know how I went about writing the book and how I’ve found things since the book launched.

I’m also going to add the book to Amazon and a print-on-demand service, but for now you can get the book on this site.

Please do take a look at Freelance in 30 Days and share with any friends or family you think would appreciate a book about freelancing (it would make a fantastic Christmas gift…)



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