Finding inspiration in GOOD 100

The GOOD 100 was announced earlier this year with a call to action on the GOOD website. They were calling for nominations to assemble an annual list of people, businesses, and institutions driving change in the world. The idea was for readers of GOOD  to let them know about someone—in your community or anywhere on earth—who is making the world a better place.

The results are now in and the inaugral GOOD 100 has been published in the magazine and on

It’s certainly worth a look, not only to see what other amazing projects are out there that really are changing the world, but also to get some ideas and inspiration for your own projects.

Here are some of my favourites:

""Save Your Logo

Save Your Logo is an initiative that makes it easy for brands to help protect the species represented in their logos by facilitating conservation efforts. Lacoste, of tiny green crocodile fame, was an early supporter of this program. Hopefully many more will follow.

""The High Line

New York City’s newest park received enormous attention for years before it even opened. Boasting a coterie of celebrity backers, the converted elevated rail line became one of the most celebrated and anticipated public projects in recent memory. The interaction with the city and the transformation of blighted infrastructure into beautiful park is an impressive accomplishment.

""KIPP  Schools

Fewer than one in five students in the nation’s low-income areas will attend college. But at KIPP charter schools, the inverse is true: Better than 80 percent of students who complete eighth grade at a KIPP school continue on to higher learning.

""Umair Haque

In an essay that begins “Dear Old People Who Rule the World, My generation would like to break up with you”, Haque creates a manifesto for a new generation fed up with the greed and hypocrisy they see in the current established status quo.

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