Becoming a Freelance Resume Writer: A Guide for Beginners

Every person who is looking for a job understands the importance of writing a good resume.

A good resume gets people into a lot of interviews and increases their chances of succeeding in the job market.

However, many people will agree that writing a great resume presents one of the most challenging aspects of job searching.

People can write great essays and be the most skillful in their fields of interest.

However, when it comes to writing resumes, many find it difficult to highlight their experiences and qualifications.

Resume writing service platforms came to the aid of these individuals and if you wish to join some of these platforms, here are some tips. 

Skills you need to start

How to become a resume writer starts with amassing some skills.

First of all, there are no institutions that train their students on how to write great resumes.

So, if you choose this path as your profession, you will have to do a lot of the dirty work yourself.

The skills you need to become a resume writer are non-negotiable.

This means you cannot succeed in this industry of resume writing if you do not have these skills.

Examples include the ability to use the English language well, excellent communication skills, manage your time well and deliver orders within the deadline, and you also need marketing skills.

These skills, together with your discipline, will help you become a great resume writer. 

Getting a certificate of resume writing

In the resume writing industry, getting a certificate is not mandatory and you can still work as a freelance writer without one.

There are people who have clients and great reputations while working without resume certification.

However, if you wish to become a certified resume writer, we can point you in the right direction.

There are several agencies that offer certifications for resume writers.

These include the National Resume Writers’ Association, Career Directors International, and Certified Professional Resume Writer.

Once you have either of these certifications, you have some credibility with you, and it becomes easier for you to become a resume writer.

However, remember that not all platforms consider these certifications as mandatory. So, you do not have to stress yourself. 

Enhance your writing skills

To survive and in the end become an expert in the resume writing industry needs hard work.

Every day, you need to sharpen your writing skills.

Remember the people you will be working for are in the corporate world and here, demands are quite high.

People will expect quality service and writing from you at all times. You have to prove you have the qualifications to meet these demands and this calls for hard work.

Resume writing jobs are many in the world and since people are writing application letters every day, resume writing as a profession will survive for a long time.

After you will improve your writing skills you can write essays and earn even more money, you can become a demanded writer and work remote on essay writing services at Edu Jungles and other platforms.

So, set yourself apart from the rest with your excellent writing skills and you will earn yourself a great reputation. 


Consider the main elements of a resume

One of the major advantages of working as a resume writer is that you can service clients from all over the world.

All over the world, people are looking for people to write their resumes and this means you have to be able to adapt.

Your style of writing can change from time to time, but the important thing to remember is that the main elements of a resume will never change.

The main elements of a resume include contact details, opening statement, education, work experience, strengths and weaknesses, any additional skills, your awards or achievements, your hobbies, and references.

These never change regardless of the client’s origin. 

What you can earn as a resume writer

The money factor is important because we know you are looking to get paid to write resumes.

A quick online research of how much resume writers earn will surprise. Depending on the platform, you can earn between $80 and $100 from a single client.

This is for a standard resume without any additional pieces.

However, when you have other additional things like cover page designs, you can earn close to or more than $500. This remember is per client.

Other things that can earn you more money are the certifications.

With a certification, your credentials will sell you and it is easy to earn more than $80 per client. 

Finding resume writing jobs

Finding resume writing jobs is not difficult.

There are thousands of freelancing platforms that offer resume writing jobs.

A majority of these platforms do not require their employees to report to their office. So, you can work from home resume and deliver.

However, remember that nothing in this life is free.

You have to work for your opportunities. Sharpen your skills and let them speak for you.

When your skills are great, everyone will want to work with you.

Examples of platforms that can offer you resume writing jobs include WriterBay, Talent Inc., Boardroom Resumes, and RiseSmart. These form a small percentage of the resume writing industry, but they are a good place to start. 

Final thoughts

Never sit around the house beating yourself up because you do not have a job.

Train yourself to look beyond the obvious blue-collar or white-collar jobs.

People are making a lot of money out here while sitting on their couches.

A professional resume writer cannot trade places with a person who earns $8 or even $15 an hour. It may not be like the traditional professions, but it pays a lot better than a majority of traditional professions. So, sharpen your skills and start looking for freelancing platforms. 

In conclusion, becoming a freelance resume writer is easy.

However, you need to view it like any other job where your performance matters.

The same way that management dismisses people is the same fate that will befall you if you do not work hard.

Never be comfortable regardless of how much praises you earn.

As your reputation grows, so will expectations and demands.

You cannot be working for a reliable essay writing service in Canada and fail to be reliable.

So, keep working and improving every day. The sky’s the limit.

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