9 Tips for Launching a Podcast and Getting Subscribers


If you’re about to launch your podcast, you probably already know that creating one and successfully launching one are two entirely different things.

At this stage, you’ve hopefully researched how to start, record, and edit a podcast and have procured the best possible equipment you can afford.

But that’s the easy part.

Now’s when the count-down begins, and unlike a Space X Star-ship, you only get one chance of landing your podcast on the New and Noteworthy landing pad.

You need a different approach, one that ensures your launch is not only a success but keeps climbing up the rankings, gathering momentum as it goes.

You need 9 tips for launching a podcast and getting subscribers.

Well, strap yourself in, and get ready for lift-off, as that’s what we have for you.

Create Eye-Catching Artwork 

Your artwork, consisting of your podcast thumbnail, your show’s name, and its creator, is all that iTunes display in the search results. It’s these that catch the browsing viewers’ attention, engaging their interest and convincing them to listen to your podcast. 

It’s why artwork is the first step in this post; it can determine your show’s success! 

Your podcast thumbnail needs an eye-catching logo, as it’s visual content that connects with the viewers in mere milliseconds, and that’s all the time you get to stop those thumbs from scrolling. 

Before you launch, research podcast logo ideas and get the best artwork you can afford, it could be the best investment you’ll ever make. 

Release Several Episodes on Launch Day

A major ranking factor for podcasts is the number of downloads within the last 24 hours. And as your podcast only has 8 weeks to automatically show up in the New and Noteworthy list (more on that at the end of the post), your goal is to encourage viewers to download as many podcasts as possible as soon as you launch.

But listeners can only download what’s available. And that’s where many new podcasts fail; they launch with only one episode.

It’s here that you can give yourself a huge advantage.

If you publish at least 3 to 5 episodes when you first launch, and up to 10 if possible, and give listeners an incentive for downloading all of them, your rankings will skyrocket.

You do it by compiling a several-episode series, like an audio course or book, and make it available on launch day. As you release each new podcast, you encourage listeners to download all several episodes to gain the free book/audio course.

In doing so, you could increase your podcast downloads by 10 x over, ensuring you remain on Apple’s New and Noteworthy list.  

Pre-Arrange Questions for Your Podcast


An excellent way of hooking your listener’s attention is by having a relevant question and answer section at the beginning of your show. 

Talk shows have been using this strategy for years, as it engages listeners on a personal level and encourages interaction. 

You can do this in two ways:

  1. Listeners call in and ask their questions
  2. You have a pre-recorded question and answer segment lined up

Of course, both can be a little tricky when you first begin due to a lack of audience. However, there’s a solution to this problem.

You outsource your questions.

It works by paying people (Fiver is an excellent resource for this service) to voice over your pre-written questions. They send them back on an mp3, and all you do is upload and press play. 

Tell Listeners How to Subscribe

Sure, it sounds like a no-brainer, but a large percentage of podcast listeners don’t know how to subscribe.

And odds are, if they don’t, they’re not going to put the time in to find out.

Ensure they do by clearly telling them how to subscribe at the end of every podcast. 

Submit Your Podcast to A Podcatcher News Aggregator

A podcatcher is a news aggregator with a difference, as it’s specifically geared solely toward podcasts.

It’s an application you use for subscribing to podcasts. Once subscribed, the podcatcher downloads your podcasts as you upload them to your site. Podcasters also enable the transfer of downloaded podcasts to portable media players. 

The more podcatchers you subscribe to, the higher chance you have of increasing your audience.

The most well-known podcatcher is the IOS main podcasting app. But there are numerous other platforms to choose from. 

Interview a Fellow Podcaster 


You can instantly increase your audience by interviewing a fellow podcaster who has a medium-sized listenership.

There are several reasons why you choose a podcaster who isn’t too well known:

  1. Big-name podcasters usually aren’t interested in appearing on new podcasts.
  2. The chances of them linking their audience to your show are minimal. 

But by asking someone with an audience of under 100,000 fans, they’ll be more likely to say yes and link their audience to your show. 

Source Partners to Mention Your Podcast

Bloggers and content marketers have been using this strategy to a significant effect for some time now. A writer/blogger mentions a relevant business or influencer in a post, and they reciprocate the favor by mentioning the writer/blogger on their platforms.

You can use this strategy for your podcast, resulting in increased awareness of your new show. 

There are a couple of ways of implementing it:

  1. You mention a relevant business in your episode, then let them know with the hope they’ll do the same.
  2. If there’s a particular brand or influencer who you’d like to be mentioned by, email them and ask. If they find your show to be of benefit, they might promote you!

Transcribe the audio

Writing a transcript is an excellent strategy for improving your SEO and collecting leads by adding links to your show and using lead capture forms. 

Most podcasts transcript the entire show, but you don’t have to do that for this strategy to work.

You can save time and money by using a transcript containing just your show’s highlights and put them in your show’s notes. And you can outsource the writing at a low cost on websites like Fiverr or  Rev.

Touchdown on The New and Noteworthy Landing Pad

As mentioned in step 2 of the post, iTunes only displays your podcast in their New and Noteworthy prominently display section for the first 8 weeks after your launch date; after that, it all depends on your listening figures. 

So, don’t waste this opportunity. You already know from step 2 how to encourage listeners to download numerous podcasts in one go, but that alone won’t be enough! 

You must convince Apple you’re worthy; here are some ways of doing it: 

  • Collect as many reviews as possible in your first 8 weeks
  • Publish two weeks-worth of podcast blog content every fourth night
  • Encourage as many people as possible to like, share, and tweet about your podcast.
  • Use giveaways to encourage listenership.

While all the above will help increase your audience, your best chance of success is by providing interesting and relevant content that’s helpful to your listeners; after all, that’s what a great podcast is all about. 

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