6 Top Tips to Successfully Hire Internationally

More companies nowadays are taking the brave step of expanding globally. But, for this expansion to be successful, companies must ensure they hire the right candidates first. Below are a few tips to ensure your international recruitment run is successful.

Have a Recruiting Website

With recruitment scams on the rise, it is understandable for international candidates to be wary of recruiting phone calls and emails. To solve this problem, you should have a website that you can direct people to. The website should ideally introduce people to the company, letting them know what you do and the types of candidates you are looking for.

Plan for Longer Interviews

Recruiting in a different company can take longer than you expect because of factors like language and cultural differences. If you want to get the right candidate, be prepared to take your time and for the interviews to take longer than expected.

Align Your Requirements with the Recruitment Process

To get the right candidate, it is important to ensure they fit into your requirements and objectives for expanding into their country or region. If there is a potential market that is not yet well established, hiring a single candidate to see how you can take advantage of this opportunity is better than hiring a whole team without knowing if the market will materialize or not.

Partner with an International Recruitment Company

To ensure your success recruiting abroad, it is always a good idea to partner with an international recruitment agency with international recruitment experience. Partners like New Horizons Global Partners work with companies that are keen on expanding internationally. New Horizons has experienced staff who can help you in many different ways, including helping you write job descriptions that attract the right candidates and helping you navigate the tricky cultural landscape of the new countries you are interested in. This agency is committed to your success because they share in the same vision.

Work with the Right Recruitment Channels

Recruitment channels are the answer to the question, “how did you hear about us?” They are the channels companies use to advertise open positions. These channels include social media, adverts, the corporate website or even word of mouth. To ensure your recruitment run is successful, it is important to choose the recruitment channel that best suits the market and candidates you are targeting. For example, social media could work well for companies looking to attract younger applicants while a corporate jobs board could attract international candidates from countries where the company has a reputation.

Understand What Barriers You Will Face

There are different barriers to international recruiting with competitors being the biggest one. If you are targeting the same candidates as your competitors, you have to find ways to position your company better to get over this barrier. Language is another barrier but this can easily be solved by working with a recruiting agency that knows the country or region well as discussed above.

Recruiting internationally can be tricky, but not when you have the right strategies in place. All it takes is understanding the new country or region you are expanding to, learning how to hire locals there, and ensuring your company can attract the right candidates.

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