5 Habits of Successful Freelancers

Freelancing is a wonderful path to follow. Indeed, is a hard path to walk on because shaping, ruling, and owning your whole life is something that few can do successfully. We live in a world where we’re accustomed to being led by someone because it is easier and more comfortable.

As well, becoming a successful freelancer comes with a lot of perks. Your set of skills will be “off the charts,” and all the knowledge you will gain will allow you to do anything you want in this life.

But the question is how one becomes a successful freelancer? What are the main habits that define a successful freelancer? Stick with us, and you’ll find out as in today’s post we’re presenting our top five habits of successful freelancers.

Work First, Relax Later

The best habit most successful freelancers have is to prioritize their work; before they do anything else, they focus on their work. Now, of course, they shower, eat, and exercise first. But they never relax, work on their side hustle, or study before they do their work.

If they don’t implement this habit, they would be in a procrastination loop; ending up wasting most of their time. As well, we all have good and bad days, and when you have a bad day as a freelancer, you’ll probably end up not working at all without this habit.

5 A.M. Rule

If you seek success in general, not only as a freelancer but especially if you are a freelancer, you 5 A.M rule is a must-have habit. There’s no successful freelancer that I know that doesn’t have this habit. 

Waking up at 5 A.M. is the golden key toward productivity, according to Custom Papers. When you wake up at five you feel like you have the whole time in this world; you actually have it. Don’t be worried about the lack of sleep as naps will be your new best friends.

Taking a restful nap between 11 A.M. and 1 P.M. is the best thing you can do to regain your energy and strengths. This way, you’ll have two energizing mornings every day – this means that you’ll be able to do twice as much every day.

Stay Sovereign 

Call it a rule, call it a habit – it doesn’t matter. What matters is that successful freelancers stay sovereign no matter what. But what sovereignty means? This word is used usually in a political context, and it means self-government, supreme power, or authority of a state to govern itself. 

But to make it even clear and t match our context, to be sovereign men to have the full power and right over yourself, without any interference from other persons and other sources. It meant to be in full control of your actions and to take action no matter what. 

Now, I believe that you understand why this habit of staying or becoming a habit is so important for being a successful leader. If you’re sovereign there’s nothing that can bring you down.

Stay Organized

The hardest thing to do as a freelancer is to stay organized. You have no one to make your schedule, and if you start late there are no consequences as getting fired or diminishing your chances to a promotion. 

Of course, there are other consequences in time: wasting precious time, feeling stressed and pressured every day, and barely being able to do anything else in a day besides work.

Therefore, successful freelancers stay organized. Being organized from all points of view is the key to be successful as a freelancer. Otherwise, you’ll only struggle and when you’re done struggling, you either quit or become organized because it is a nightmare to live the life of a disorganized freelancer.

Constant Seeking Knowledge and New Opportunities

As a freelancer, stagnation isn’t an option. There are always new trends and one-time amazing offers, and you have to stay tuned and leverage every new information. Successful freelancers know this, so they have this habit of consuming more and more knowledge and of constantly seeking new opportunities.

`You can do so many things as a freelancer, but you have to do it all for yourself, at least at the beginning. After a while, if you manage to create a large professional network, others will keep you informed`- says Linda Smith, the HR specialist from HR software. But at the end of the day you’ll still have to filter all the information to make sure that it will benefit you.


Freelancing is a wonderful and yet equally challenging path to follow in our journey in this mysterious world. You will be ruling your own life, and on this difficult path, you will discover most aspects of yourself that you probably wouldn’t otherwise.

The most wonderful perks about freelancing are the possibility to work on so many niches and the possibility to work from any corner of this beautiful world. One thing we know for sure that we have only a lifetime to have this experience on Earth, and through freelancing, you can make the best out of it.

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