5 freelance writing jobs you can start today

Thinking how to rock freelance writing? These days you can do what you love and earn a living without breaking a sweat. All you need to do is to find a writing job that is right up your street.

We’ve singled out 5 freelance writing jobs you can try out this very moment. Plus, we’ll tell you about sites where to get hired.

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Let’s get started then.


The easiest way to start is blogging. First, you can begin with your own blog. It will give you the opportunity to find your style, experiment and learn how to market yourself. However, you can later try writing blog posts for someone else. There are many bloggers who don’t have enough time to manage their blogs every day, so this can become your niche. Unfortunately, there’s one drawback: your work won’t be recognized. Still, if it’s not an issue – feel free to jump at such an opportunity.

Problogger job board can help you have a good start, as here you can work with various bloggers, learn all the pitfalls of this profession, earn some considerable experience and certainly make some good money.

Essay Writing

If you were good at academic writing while getting your degree, this is a perfect solution for you. You can become an essay writer. This job particularly involves crafting custom papers for students all over the world. You satisfy your urge to do research and earn great money.

There are several ways to dive into the world of academic composing. You can start by asking your friends whether someone needs help with papers. You can join various platforms where students are looking for writers, like Indeed, Uvocorp, Reddit, etc.

Finally, you can get employed at various essay writing services, as they also offer part-time jobs. This is how you won’t be spending hours searching for orders, but still you’ll have an opportunity to work from home. It’s for you to decide which way you like the most.


Review Writing

Products, shows, services – people like reading feedback about everything. That is why there’s a niche of review writing.

From local to international companies, employers are looking for writers to tell about their business. You can start with product review writing for Amazon, Digital or others.

If you’re a born reviewer and you’re into arts, find companies that are ready to pay you to go to various shows and then write about them.

These days you can write reviews about anything: small cafes, famous hotels, or even a retail chain in your hometown. As the saying goes, the sky’s the limit.

Technical Writing

If you’re into structuring your words, organizing every single detail, technical writing is just what you need. You’ll be writing manuals, instructions, and how-to articles.

Tons of companies are looking for authors who have a knack for explaining things. As it turns out, it’s quite difficult to write about how something is done while being concise and straightforward.

Here are two great job boards that will help you find orders regarding technical writing: Upwork and Constant Content.

Creative Writing

Absolutely opposite to technical writing, creative composing is for those who get easily bored with menial copywriting tasks. This is where you can spread your wings while earning a great amount of money.

You can find companies looking for writers to craft short fictional stories. You will receive the title and let your imagination run wild.

Companies are also looking for speech writing as well as script writing. While dealing with speech writing you can practice your convincing writing techniques. Whereas, script writing enables you to put yourself into film director’s shoes.

See? There’s so much to choose from. Just listen to your heart and feel what niche is speaking to you.


Freelance Writing Job Sites

As a bonus, we’ve prepared a list of 5 awesome sites to search for freelance writing jobs of any type. Check it out!

  1. SolidGigs

In contrast to the majority of freelance writing sites, SolidGigs doesn’t charge you for every order. You have to pay a monthly fee, which is quite reasonable, and the money you receive from your tasks are fully yours.

  • Flexjobs

If you haven’t decide which niche is perfect for you, Flexjobs is the right place to start. There are tons of job offers in various fields, so you can try different types of writing. Just use the convenient search to find what’s best for you.

  • Remote.co

Not only will you find numerous offers for remote writing, but you can also check out various articles on becoming a better writer. There’s blog dealing with the pitfalls of being a freelance writer, managing your time and improving your skills.

  • Freedom with Writing

Here you can find writing jobs for magazines, famous sites and companies. You send them your email, and they send you job offers. Plus, they will send you self-education articles to boost your mastery of composing, so you can become a more successful freelance writer.

  • Morning Coffee Newsletter

Another site that sends you the selection of 8 high-quality writing jobs every week. You check your email, look through the offers and choose the one that appeals to you.

If you’re just starting your career as a freelance writer, it may seem quite daunting at first. You may not know what to write about, where to search for jobs.

We’ll be honest with you, freelance doesn’t mean being lazy. It requires great time management and it’s quite time-consuming at the beginning. However, once you’ve got the grasp of how everything is working, you’ll love it.

Our advice will be: don’t worry and keep on searching. Try out various freelance writing job boards and see which is the most convenient for you. Experiment with the types of writing, whether it’s creative, technical or maybe academic composing. Listen to yourself and stick to the field you like the most.

Finally, never stop learning. By improving your skills as a writer, you become a better expert. As a result, you’re more valuable and can get exclusive high-paid offers. Don’t hesitate and try out some of the job boards straight away.

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. This saying works perfectly for freelance writers, and we suggest you follow this rule.

Good luck!

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