10 best websites to find freelance jobs for college students

best websites to find freelance jobs for college students

Modern life is too busy. And it’s not a big surprise that students find it challenging to balance work and study.

If you want to start your career in college, the best thing you can do is to find a freelance job. It will allow you to gain your first working experience while having a flexible lifestyle.

Even if you are a newbie in freelancing, it will be easy for you to land a project.

Here is a list of the best websites to find freelance jobs for college students.


Website: Upwork.com

""Upwork one of the biggest and most reliable freelance platforms on the web. If you have no experience at all, Upwork will help you to find an entry-level job.

But if you have already completed a few big projects, you have high chances to land a highly-paid job. Whether you are interested in long-term or short-term projects, Upwork will offer you plenty of options to choose from.


Website: Fiverr.com


Fiverr is another great platform for student freelancers. To land a job, you need to create your profile and showcase at least a few examples of your works.

Also, you should set a set the price for your work. If you want to attract the clients’ attention to your profile, it’s highly recommended to set a low price to beat the competition.

College Recruiter

Website: collegerecruiter.com


College Recruiter was designed to help college student and recent graduate to get a part-time, seasonal, internship, or entry-level job. This website is a must-visit for everyone who has no experience but has a great desire to grow professionally.

Do you want to work at the office? You can use the advanced search to find a job that is within walking or biking distance from where you live.


Website: kolabtree.com


If you love everything about science and academic writing, this website is right for you. Using Kolabtree, you can find a freelance job of your dream and start the collaboration with researchers in your field. Here you can work as a writer, editor, or data analyst.

Companies use Kolabtree to post information about their projects. They set the price they are ready to pay – fixed or hourly “proposed fee”. You can submit your proposal and offer a higher or lower bid, depending on your qualification and complexity of the project.


Website: PeoplePerHour.com


PeoplePerHour is another great platform to start a freelance business in college. It helps students with the entry-level experience to find the first job.

PeoplePerHour allows not only to search for projects but also to create “offers” to sell. For instance, if you design logos, you may create an offer similar to this one: “Premium Logo Design + Font + Source files” for $25. It will help you to find the first job much faster.


Website: freelancer.com


This is one of the best apps for freelancers. It’s used not only by students but also by professionals in the field.

Freelancer.com allows not only submit proposals but also participate in different contests. If you like to feel the spirit of competition, Freelancer.com is the right platform you.

It’s worth mentioning that there are two types of projects: fixed and hourly. So if you complete tasks very fast, it’s recommended to choose fixed price projects.


Website: essaysdeluxe.com


If you are good at academic writing, you can join a team of freelance writers at EssayDeluxe.com. If you use this freelance platform you will be able to help students who face problems with essays and other school assignments. You may assist them with proofreading, editing, citing, and referencing.

Do you know how to create high quality content? If your answer is “yes”, use EssayDeluxe.com to find a copywriting or content editing jobs. Take every chance to develop your creative writing skills working on fascinating projects.


Website: 99designs.com


If you study web design and want to start working in the field, 99Design is the best freelance learning platform you can find. Here you can participate in contests run by the companies. It will help you to prove your talent, earn money, and get valuable feedback from real clients.


Website: Craigslist.com


Most students don’t consider Craigslist as a freelance related platform. But in fact, this website is a great source of freelance jobs. You need to choose your city, then pick jobs category, and you will see a list of in-office and online jobs in your area.


Website: FlexJobs.com


FlexJobs allows finding 100% remote as well as partial remote jobs for students and recent graduates with different backgrounds. This informative website is suitable for candidates who look for both: full-time and part-time employment.



Now you know where to find freelance jobs for college students. So don’t hesitate to make the first step and join the gig economy.

Don’t be afraid to make a try. There are lots of tips for freelancers on the web. Use them as basic guidelines to succeed.


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