Communicating the Future, Guv


So, it was December 2012 and I was travelling in South America (La Paz, Bolivia, to be exact). And I was on the interwebz, checking Twitter, as you do. And I saw a job post for a company called FutureGov.

The job was for Head of Comms, which sounded good to me. The skills required were things like PR, Social Media, Blogging, Events – all of which I can do. Plus it would be working on projects that do social good, a lot of social good. Which I loved.

So I applied. And promptly forgot about it all as you are likely to do when travelling around such an amazing continent as South America.

And then I got an email. And then when I got back to the UK from South America, I had an interview. Then I was told I had a job.

Say hello to the new Head of Comms at FutureGov.

I started at the role this week and can honestly say it’s been as fantastic and exciting as expected. Not only do I get to work on interesting projects such as Casserole Club and Patchwork, but I also get to work with a bunch of passionate, clever and sociable people. And Dominic Campbell.

I’m already getting my mitts stuck in deep to the good stuff at the heart of FutureGov, learning a lot as I go, so expect to see and hear more from me over the next few months.

If you need to reach me or desperately buy me a coffee/beer to get the lowdown on all things FutureGov, email me at

Look forward to hearing from you.


10 Responses to “Communicating the Future, Guv”

  1. Massive congrats Ben, lovely role, I’m sure it will prove to be really interesting.

  2. Neil says:

    Fantastic news on the new gig mate, congrats and well done!!

  3. Ben Cotton says:

    Awesome news! They do some fantastic work.

  4. Jed says:

    Massive congratulations mate, so proud! x

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