Visual CV or infographic as a Job Application

I made a Visual CV for a job application a few years ago – scroll down to see the full infographic!

When applying for the role of Head of Comms at FutureGov, I knew that the job posting would attract a lot of interest and high quality applications. Indeed, there ended up being several dozen people applying for the job.

I needed to make my application stand out.

Yes, I made sure to have a top notch CV, Covering Letter and References. But I wanted a little something extra to put my application on top of the pile.

I thought to myself, “How can I create something to catch their eye? To show myself as a great communicator who is up to speed with the current trends?”

Having looked at the skills needed, I jotted down how I met those needs next to each one. I then had the idea of creating an infographic to demonstrate how I was right for the job.

Having discussed with idea with graphic designer Paul Carpenter, he suggested creating a simple two-Colman graphic, a call-and-response view of why I was perfect for the job.

Below is a the final result. More of a “Visual CV” rather than an infographic, don’t you think?

It seemed to work anyway, as I got the job!

Hopefully by posting it here it will serve as an inspiration for other job hunters out there to add a little extra to their job application, especially in a tough and competitive jobs market like the one we are in now.

Want to create your own Visual CV? Take a look at these free and easy services offered by Visually and Vizify.

What do you do / have you done to stand out when applying for jobs and freelance work? Let me know in the comments!

Ben Matthews Infographic

8 thoughts on “Visual CV or infographic as a Job Application”

  1. This is brilliant Ben, great way to stand out! I’ll be sharing it with my jobseekers; congratulations on the job 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing – you are definitely a good egg! Great timing as I am helping our daughter brush up her CV and needed contemporary inspiration.

  3. I have thought about doing something like this but have heard that online resume collection software will not read graphics. What would be your recommendation for getting your Graphic CV onto the hiring manager’s desk?


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