Win Freelance Work With Better Pricing

Like many freelancers, you’re probably insecure about your pricing. How do you accurately price non-commodity work? How do you compare one professional’s work to another? How do you determine what’s fair to charge when you’re dealing with abstract concepts like the effectiveness of writing, the cleanliness of code, or the beauty of a design? Truthfully, … Read more

Understanding Customer Relationship Management Awards

Service delivery and marketing has shifted to the internet and mobile services. The introduction of these digital technologies has made delivery of services easy and fast. Customers are very important in any business, maintaining a good relationship ensures growth and success of an organization. In appreciation of excellent work from companies, there are awards offered to the … Read more

Reviving My Inbox (or, Email Resurrection)

I’ve just finished the Revive Your Inbox programme from Baydin, “a 21 Day course to help you restore email sanity”. “Invest 20 minutes a day for 21 days. Revive Your Inbox is designed to reduce the amount of email you receive and learn to deal better with the ones that matter.” The benefits of good … Read more

How to Improve The Productivity of Your Marketing and Sales Team

It is natural that you want to put in more effort when you don’t get the expected results. However, such may not be the solution as results can still be underwhelming. Quality should always be preferred to quantity. Therefore, using the same approach and expecting different results don’t make sense. You are doing too many … Read more