Agency Worker Regulations (AWR): What is AWR?

Agency Workers Regulations aim to combat discrimination of people who work for employment agencies, by stating that agency workers should be no less favourably treated in pay and working time than their full-time counterparts, who do the same work. Similar to IR35, the guidance is designed to ensure fair treatment of contractors and freelancers, and ensure that … Read more

Win Freelance Work With Better Pricing

Like many freelancers, you’re probably insecure about your pricing. How do you accurately price non-commodity work? How do you compare one professional’s work to another? How do you determine what’s fair to charge when you’re dealing with abstract concepts like the effectiveness of writing, the cleanliness of code, or the beauty of a design? Truthfully, … Read more

How to Write from Home and Earn Money

Are you looking for full-time or part-time employment? Are you in the wrong profession? Are you a recent graduate who is looking for something to keep them busy? Are you good at doing research? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you are in the right place. Today, there are many … Read more

Freedom is the new wealth: 68% of freelancers say life has improved since going independent

Freelancers and independent workers: hold on to these recently published statistics. The workforce revolution is well underway, with more and more people (and companies!) turning to freelance work, often selling two or more skills to stay on top. AND CO conducted a study on the future of work and the empowerment of the new generation of … Read more

3 Realities of Freelancing and Self-Employment

There is nothing quite like being your own boss. Running your own freelance business can be one of the most exhilarating and thrilling experiences of your life. However, it’s important to remember that being self-employed is also equal parts exhausting and scary. Just like with anything else running your own business has its own faults … Read more

How to calculate how much to charge per hour

Charging the right freelance rate will make it easier to achieve your dream income as a freelancer, while also paying for the additional costs that you might not have thought about when leaving your job to go freelance. Setting the right rate can be hard, especially if you’re looking transitioning from a side hustle to full-fledged … Read more

To freelance or not to freelance? Advantages and disadvantages of going self-employed

Freelancing can give you a huge range of benefits, which makes becoming a freelancer such an attractive option compared to being employed. Higher pay, improved professional satisfaction and greater flexibility are just some of the benefits of freelancing. However, freelancing does not suit everyone, as there are some challenges associated with starting and running your … Read more

Sick pay for freelancers

Two million low-paid workers could receive statutory sick pay for the first time. Currently, employees must earn at least the equivalent of 14 hours on the minimum wage to qualify. But the government is looking at whether to extend eligibility to those earning below this threshold. There could also be more help for those returning … Read more

Freelancing in the UK:

More Brits than ever before want to start their own business 2019. The survey of 1,000 working British people, carried out by award-winning cloud accounting software provider FreeAgent, found that 8% intend to start their own business within the year of 2019. With over 32 million people currently working in the UK, according to ONS … Read more