8 tips for how to start a freelance translator business

Do you want to have a better work/life balance? If yes, it’s time to leave your office job and start a freelance translator business. Today, you don’t need to work for a traditional employer to build a successful career. If you have the necessary skills and motivation, you can achieve everything you want in your … Read more

The Best Link Building Strategies That Build Quality Backlinks

Link building is the process of getting another website to place a hyperlink pointing to your site. People have been using link building to help rank their sites for the last 20 years. And since then, the signal has only been getting stronger. If you’re not sure why you have to build links, or you … Read more

Freelance Mobile App Developer Q&A: Nick Nicolaou

(This is the sixth in a series of interviews with freelancers, telling us their stories on how they went freelance. The aim is to help others who are thinking of becoming freelance learn more about what it takes, as well as get advice and inspiration so they can get the confidence and understanding to find … Read more

Find Freelance Work in the Summer Slump

Finding freelance work can be difficult during the summer months. When school is out and the kids are at home many clients take time off for their holidays, meaning new projects and work is put on hold until the autumn. There’s a reason why freelancers call it the "summer slump". But finding freelance work while … Read more

E-commerce Marketing: 7 Tips to Humanize Your Marketing Strategy

If you have been in e-commerce for quite a while, you may have come across the idea of “humanizing your brand.” When we say that you should humanize your brand, it simply means making your business relatable and engaging. This is possible if you focus more on building relationships with your market, rather than shoving … Read more

How to Pick a Highly Profitable Freelance Writing Niche

Have you been having a hard time selecting the perfect freelance writing niche? Choosing the perfect freelance writing niche is similar to choosing the perfect outfit for a first date. You have tons of choices, but without confidence, you will not feel like you look your best. If you are on the verge of giving … Read more

The right time to quite your job and go freelance

The right time to quite your job and go freelance When you have a plan:: even though the best laid plans often go awry, you need a basic outline of what wrk you’ll do and how you’re going to get clients as a freelancer. What work will you do? How will you find new customers? How will … Read more