An Infinite Shortage of Managers

Generative AI integrations appearing in common enterprise software that your organisation is likely already using.

Free and High-Quality Stock Photo Sites

Stock photos that are actually good and free (including those that require attribution) are well worth finding. And once found, keeping track of. This post is more of a personal reminder for whenever I need stock photos, but feel free to check out these sites for yourself" Superfamous (requires attribution) Picjumbo The Pattern Library Gratisography … Read more

How Brexit will affect small business and freelancers 

it’s too early to say but it will have implications in the sense that there will not be anyone in the european commission to stand up for british businesses when regulations are set; given that a lot of trade is intra european, this will make things more difficult for smaller businesses when they all of … Read more

How will sales will help your freelance business?

There are many reasons why permanent employees go freelancing, and the move to freelancing can be extremely rewarding. Freelancers have more control over their career direction, typically earn more, and have more holiday flexibility than permanent employees. The keys to achieving the financial rewards are: keeping your skills updated to ensure you are marketable. minimising … Read more