Business Black Holes

Business black holes, the cycles between them and how to jump your business into greater growth. The predictable problem of business black holes Some 20 years ago I interviewed around 700 small businesses to discover whether the growth and stall trends I’d previously been analysing in big business still occurred in the small business market. They certainly … Read more

Agency Worker Regulations (AWR): What is AWR?

Agency Workers Regulations aim to combat discrimination of people who work for employment agencies, by stating that agency workers should be no less favourably treated in pay and working time than their full-time counterparts, who do the same work. Similar to IR35, the guidance is designed to ensure fair treatment of contractors and freelancers, and ensure that … Read more

Freelance job trends

The new year always brings some exciting new developments in the freelance job market with it. Sometimes it’s tax cuts, news about internships, other times tax increases. New tech impacts the business world, and perhaps new freelance job opportunities have arisen?  Whatever the case, freelance job seekers have to try and stay in the know … Read more

6 Top Tips to Successfully Hire Internationally

More companies nowadays are taking the brave step of expanding globally. But, for this expansion to be successful, companies must ensure they hire the right candidates first. Below are a few tips to ensure your international recruitment run is successful. Have a Recruiting Website With recruitment scams on the rise, it is understandable for international … Read more

How to Get a Job in PR

How to Get a Job in PR is Sarah Stimson’s fantastic book on how to break into the PR industry. The book is a comprehensive guide to finding and keeping the PR job you dream of, answering all sorts of questions you may have about the PR industry and helping with many more that might not have … Read more

Video: the next big communications tool

Videos can be a powerful communications tool which can convey the messages of your organisation in a dynamic, genuine and engaging way. Social causes can benefit from video in many ways, including volunteer recruitment. demonstrating social impact by showing happy volunteers and clients, and as a promotional tool to raise money. With the rise of … Read more

Find freelance work quickly as a new freelance consultant

Last week, I posted a shout out for National Freelancers Day, inviting anyone to get in touch with any questions they had about the business of freelancing. The idea came from the emails I sometimes get from readers who are looking for advice on how to go freelance or improve their current freelancing business. Like … Read more

6 freelance tips for new freelance consultants

It can be scary making the leap from full-time job to being a freelancer. I remember how daunting it was to leave my job and start out on my own. I was lucky enough to have jobs at great places to work, with decent pay, good colleagues, and interesting work. By going freelance, I was risking all of … Read more

Why SMEs Need HR Services

How does your small business handle its Human Resources? The answer is you likely have one or two employees who take care of the company’s HR services while also undertaking other tasks too. Money is obviously a concern when you’re just starting out, so it’s logical to think trying to handle everything yourself is the … Read more

Tips for acing your interviews and getting an executive position

Companies prefer hiring successful, articulate, and competent executives, although the initial encounter between a candidate and the company usually puts the candidate in a highly stressful and uncomfortable situation, which is the interview. The truth is that you need to deal with the process of hiring as it’s currently constituted. To achieve that, you need … Read more