How to Launch a New Charity Website

If you’ve got a new website in the works, it’s never too early to think about how you’re going to launch and promote it. We recently launched our new micro-volunteering app, Bright Works, and have learned plenty of lessons along the way. Here are some tips covering several of the most effective methods for getting a … Read more

Freelance Content Marketing Consultant for hire in London

Experienced Freelance Content Marketing Consultant I am a freelance content marketing consultant for hire in London, with 8 years experience in the tech, mobile, government, charity and startup sectors. I started my digital marketing career in the financial sector, before moving from the Technology, Government and Charity sectors, before finally working as a freelance content marketing … Read more

How to hire a freelance SEO consultant: the SEO consultant selection guide

Search Engine Optimization refers to any activity that is intended to improve a website’s ranking in search results. Websites that rank higher in search results are perceived to be more credible, and websites that rank on the second page are often perceived to be less reliable. This perceived level of reliability often translates into traffic. Websites … Read more

5 Ways to Improve Search Engine Visibility with Content Marketing

Marketers will always say that content is king, and when it comes to your search engine visibility, this couldn’t be more true. If you have any kind of digital marketing strategy in place, you already know why content marketing is important for your SEO strategy. However, knowing why to do something is quite different than … Read more

2014 Year in Review


I’ve been enjoying reading various 2014 Year in Review posts, including Stephen Waddington, Nathan Barry and Patrick McKenzie, so thought I’d share my own mini review of the year, concentrating on this blog as my main source of online activity (outside of work).

Here are the main stats for this blog in 2014.

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