What is IR35? Does IR35 apply to your freelance contract?

If you’re working as a freelancer or a contractor through your own limited company you’ve probably heard people talking about IR35 legislation. They’ve probably spoken about it in hushed tones, like IR35 is this big scary thing to be feared. IR35 is a piece of legislation that you need to know about, but it’s not … Read more

How to scale from a freelancer to agency

As a freelancer with several years of experience, I got to the point that the next logical step is to start a agency to help companies with my skills. There are are multiple questions I had at the beginning of my agency journey: 1) How easy/hard is to find clients? 2) How much initial capital/budget … Read more

Crunch Accounting Review

Crunch accounting is an online accountancy service – with a difference. Where as with a pure online accounting software, which requires you to input all of your income and outgoings and relying on yourself to make sure you’re reporting in the correct way, Crunch has a team of accountants waiting at the end of the … Read more