Digital innovation in local government around the world

(This is a full version of an article I wrote for The Guardian’s Local Leaders Network on digital innovation in local government. You can read the edited version on the Guardian’s site.) When working in digital innovation and local government, it’s helpful to stick your head above the parapet and see what others are up to. There is … Read more

How to win new business pitches as a freelancer

There are many ways to win new clients as a freelancer, but you’re more than likely to come up against a new business pitch process as one of them at some point in your freelance life. You’re name is added to a shortlist of freelancers or small agencies that a client wants to see about a … Read more

Freelance Consultant Rates: How To Work Out Your Hourly, Daily or Project Rate

One of the main things people ask before they go freelance is how to work out their freelance consultant rate. Setting your freelance consultant rates is difficult. Set your day rate too low and you have to work longer and harder to make a decent income. Set your day rate too high and you risk putting … Read more

A Change of Direction

I have been blogging at Pudding Relations for 2 1/2 years ago – not a bad run at all. But the irregularity of blog posts appearing there made me think that what I was writing about didn’t interest me as much as it used to. A change of direction was needed. After a conversation one … Read more

Less freelancing, more consulting: how adding value leads to added income

I’ve been thinking recently that a lot of the success that I’ve had as a freelancer to date is that I’ve position myself as more of a consultant and less of a freelancer. Freelance work tends to be transactional, where you’re delivering directly on a service that a client had asked you to provide – … Read more

Why Freelance? Flexibility, Freedom and Additional Income

Why freelance? Well, freelancing is one of the best methods to earn extra cash, and with the information gathered by Zeqr in the infographic below, it’s almost certainly going to convince you to try it. Although you’ll face competition when applying to certain jobs, Zeqr strongly advise you not to give up. Some of the … Read more