How to make a good first impression on a potential client

For freelancers, connecting with people can be difficult. However, creating a good first impression will help grow your brand, make a name for yourself, and help you to make money. With that being said, it’s important to be on top of your game when it comes to standing out to a potential employer. If you’re … Read more

Freelance info you need for Massive Monday


Today is #MassiveMonday, the most popular day of the year for people looking for a new career, according to Metro and the Times. For many, Massive Monday is a time that they seriously think about going freelance and they’ll be looking for freelance info to help them make the jump to freelancing.

If you’re thinking the same, then you should use your Massive Monday to get the ball rolling. But what is freelancing actually like? And how do you find work, win clients and get paid?

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Freelance web developers: How to find and hire the best

Hiring freelance web developers is notoriously difficult. Not only do talented web developers possess technical skill, but they must also be able to work in a team, predict deadlines, and handle the stresses of product development cycles. With such a varied skillset, it’s difficult to identify the candidates that have it all, and just reading … Read more

Hello Bonsai Review – Freelance Invoice and Contract Software

Hello Bonsai 1

Hello Bonsai is dedicated to helping freelancers and companies work better together. They’re building solutions to support a future where work is flexible and globally distributed. Here are the main features that Hello Bonsai promises: But is Hello Bonsai any good and should you use it for your freelance work? Take a look at our … Read more

Revolut Review: Business banking for freelancers and small business

Who exactly are Revolut? Launched in July 2015 $1.7 billion valuation (Q1 2018) 850+ employees globally 5,000,000+ retail customers 100,000+ business customers $50+ billion transaction volume | $5.7b monthly Fastest growing FinTech in Europe $336 million raised from leading investors Is Revolut a bank? Revolut is NOT a bank. It is an “Electronic Money Institution”. … Read more