Tips for new fathers (or, how to dad good)

I find most writing on how to be a good father quite patronising. Instead, I’ve collected the most practical advice for new dads into one place. It will grow over time, as will babies and the parents that look after them. Further advice, anecdata, exceptions that prove the rule, etc, are welcome in the comments. … Read more

Is coworking really worth it for freelancers?

Is coworking really worth it for freelancers? I am sure some folks vote for it, and some others reject this opinion. We will dig deep into this idea to understand the aspects better. Coworking has become the talk of the town for the last few years and its demand has increased amongst freelancers around the … Read more

Agency Profitability

Despite years of people espousing the death of the “digital agency” the industry is thriving and confident. Amazing work continues to be produced by top digital agencies around the world, and clients continue to hire agencies to complement their internal teams, in particular when creative or technical innovation is required. And not only that, well … Read more

Where do you work best? How to find the perfect freelance work space for you

Where you do your freelance work might be one of the most important decisions you make as a freelance consultant. Get your work space right and you’ll be more productive than you ever thought possible and even open yourself up to new opportunities. Get it wrong and you’ll find your environment either stifling or distracting, … Read more

How can I be productive when working from home?

According to the UK Office of National Statistics, one in seven British workers, are freelance, while in America the Freelancers Union estimate it is as high as one in three, with Forbes predicting 50% will be self employed by 2020. It’s easy to understand why. The benefits of working from home, being your own boss and choosing your own hours … Read more

Rudolf Steiner’s Architecture of the Home

“Steiner’s principles informed the unique shape of the house, its lack of any right-angles, and the irregular pitches of the copper roof." This incredibly bright four-bedroom house is one of a striking collection of houses built on the principles of Rudolf Steiner in the mid-1970s. The house is located a stone’s throw from one of … Read more

How to be productive in coworking spaces 1. Get a pair of headphones: Noise-cancelling if possible – coworking spaces can get noisy, so it’s great to be able to switch off and focus on your work. Also, headphones acts as a great "Do Not Disturb" sign. 2. Structure your day: There’s nothing worse than co-working and not having a structure to … Read more