The ultimate guide to fitness for freelancers

Working as a freelancer sounds liberating to most people. You can work at your own hours and on your own terms. But working as a freelancer has its own challenges. You will face many distractions. You will have to handle a lot of things other than the work. And your work life balance will seem … Read more

Social Innovation Camp – 5-7 December 2008

Social Innovation Camp 2 (The Revenge!) was an amazing experience – tiring, draining, seemingly unending, but fun, fulfilling and infinitely rewarding. Around 60 people descended onto 7 different ideas trying to make positive social change to bring them from the glint of an idea into a project that could be taken on past the weekend. The key idea … Read more

Freelance Copywriter Q&A: Art Anthony, Copywriting is Art

This is the seventh in a series of interviews with freelancers, telling us their stories on how they went freelance. The aim is to help others who are thinking of becoming freelance learn more about what it takes, as well as get advice and inspiration so they can get the confidence and understanding to find out … Read more

Havana, Cuba in one week: budget travellers’ guide


Havana, Cuba’s capital city, was amazing, We spent the whole week in Havana in the end, with a few day trips here and there. We went in March 2015, just before the first direct flights from the US started flying to Cuba.

Cuba is very tourist friendly, but there is also plenty to do to get off the beaten track, but it can be hard to plan too much before you get there, as things change quickly, so thought I’d quickly jot down my thoughts in case I can help out and give tips if anyone you know is planning on going.

Here are some Havana tips and some more from our friend Laurie too. Leave any questions in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer, while the unbelievable experience of Cuba is still fresh in my mind!

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How can I be less lonely as a freelancer?

Lindsay writes: My biggest problem as a freelancer is… loneliness. I worked with a 25-strong team of talented young marine environmental scientists for 25 years. They challenged my every thought and decision along the way but I always felt proud and privileged to be a part of their professional development and their lives. After selling … Read more

How Coworking is Boosting Productivity

Coworking is a relatively new phenomenon that involves workers from different backgrounds sharing the same office space. Whether it be a deluxe office space in Mayfair or a quirky studio in Shoreditch, coworking spaces are popping up all over larger cities like London. It is a viable alternative to traditional office environments, which can limit … Read more

How To Go Freelance

Do you want the freedom and flexibility that comes from being your own boss? Do you want to be a creative and productive freelancer? Do you want to build the confidence to finally go freelance? How To Go Freelance is the book to give you the confidence to go freelance – and freelance successfully. In … Read more