Freelance Statistics: The Freelance Economy in Numbers

Freelance statistics are a great way to show you how you’re not alone in wanting to go freelance, how others are finding the freelance environment and how freelancers contribute to the overall economy. Following this post and discussion on definition of freelancing, we’ve pulled together more freelance stats from the US, UK, Europe, Japan and further … Read more

Where to find freelance clients

Finding freelance clients is one of the big challenges in freelance life. You may think it’s tough at the beginning, but the ebb and flow of freelance work never stops and carries on right on through your more experienced years. But any effort you put into finding and testing reliable places to find new freelance clients … Read more

Freelance Inspiration (#Infographic)

Calin from Freelance Business Guide invited me to contribute to his Freelance Inspiration Infographic and I was more than happy to help inspire other freelancers on their journey. Being called a "leading freelancer" was a great compliment, given the other names appearing alongside me on the infographic. The likes of Sara Horowitz, Justin Jackson and Paul … Read more

How can I be productive when working from home?

According to the UK Office of National Statistics, one in seven British workers, are freelance, while in America the Freelancers Union estimate it is as high as one in three, with Forbes predicting 50% will be self employed by 2020. It’s easy to understand why. The benefits of working from home, being your own boss and choosing your own hours … Read more

How to start a freelance business

The U.S. freelance workforce has grown to 56.7 million people, up 3.7 million since 2014, according to the fifth annual Freelancing in America study, commissioned by Upwork and Freelancers Union   When you consider some of the most popular reasons to start a freelance business, it’s no wonder that freelancers are everywhere.   Having a … Read more