Developing Leadership Skills

Leading a team comes with a unique set of challenges. Managing people comes with a lot of responsibilities too. You need to develop yourself as well as your team. If you want to be a more effective manager, here are three core leadership skills you should use that can help you. Accountability is leadership Holding … Read more

How to Get a Job in PR

How to Get a Job in PR is Sarah Stimson’s fantastic book on how to break into the PR industry. The book is a comprehensive guide to finding and keeping the PR job you dream of, answering all sorts of questions you may have about the PR industry and helping with many more that might not have … Read more

How to build long-term client relationships as a freelancer

How to build long-term client relationships is a follow up to yesterday’s post on finding freelance work in the summer slump, and a longer term goal to write more about freelancing in general. I’ve written quite a bit about what I’ve learned from freelancing, but if there’s any topics you want to cover just let … Read more

Mortgages for freelancers: Can you get a mortgage if you’re self-employed?

The process of applying for mortgages for freelancers and the self-employed can be challenging. Especially as mortgage lending criteria has not kept up with the changes in freelance work and self employment. The freelance community we spoke to have often found that a lot of mortgage lenders make it hard for freelancers to get a … Read more

Self Assessment Tax Calculator: How much tax will you pay?

The Self Assessment Tax Estimator will help you to plan for the tax you may have to pay on your personal income including from sole trade income, salary, dividends and other sources. Please note that the Crunch Personal Tax Estimator will only provide an estimate of your tax liability. It’s designed to show you the tax-efficient amount of … Read more