Freelance Statistics: The Freelance Economy in Numbers

Freelance statistics are a great way to show you how you’re not alone in wanting to go freelance, how others are finding the freelance environment and how freelancers contribute to the overall economy. Following this post and discussion on definition of freelancing, we’ve pulled together more freelance stats from the US, UK, Europe, Japan and further … Read more

Japan on a Budget for 2 Weeks

Japan was always a must-visit country in my travels. And my two weeks there was everything I’d dreamt of and more. But many people are put off from travelling to Japan because of the expense. Yes, it is expensive, but there are ways to visit Japan on a budget and still see a lot of … Read more

Rudolf Steiner’s Architecture of the Home

“Steiner’s principles informed the unique shape of the house, its lack of any right-angles, and the irregular pitches of the copper roof." This incredibly bright four-bedroom house is one of a striking collection of houses built on the principles of Rudolf Steiner in the mid-1970s. The house is located a stone’s throw from one of … Read more

6 ways freelancers add values to businesses and the economy

freelancers are unique economic agents in the construction industry. Their work and flexibility add value to businesses that could not be gained from employee labour. In summary Each of the three editions of this report has shown just how important freelancers are to the construction industry. Without them, it would face huge difficulties and many … Read more