10 Tips for Writing a Job Winning CV to Be Hired as a Freelance Translator

If you want to find a new freelance translator job, don’t use the old CV template. To make a good impression on a prospective client, you should write your resume from scratch. Don’t worry. It’s not half as hard as it seems. Use the following tips for freelancers to make your CV to stand out. … Read more

Why plagiarism is a huge risk for freelancers and how to avoid it

Plagiarism simply goes by the concept of “stealing or copying someone’s intellectual property or product without giving them the credit and presenting it as your own work.” It is, of course, a bad and unappreciated practice worldwide. You can’t put your nametag on someone else’s property either it’s intellectual or physical, it would be considered … Read more

Attention Freelance Writers: Nail Your Editing and Proofreading with These Tips

A successful freelance writer creates dozens of pages of text every week. This is no surprise that even an experienced writer makes mistakes considering this amount of work. Sometimes you just don’t notice a typo or misspelling after finishing your third page in a row. And a word processor is not a magic stick that … Read more