How to Become a Freelance Consultant

Becoming a freelance consultant is a dream for many. I’ve been lucky enough to have a successful freelance career as a social media and digital PR consultant for the last few years. There’s been some bumps along the way, but advice and encouragement from a wide range of people enabled me to go it alone … Read more

What should a 2013 not-for-profit look like?

The good people behind OpenTech 2013 posed a great question as one of their potential sessions for the event happening on 18th May in London: What should a 2013 not-for-profit look like? It caught my eye a few weeks ago and I’ve been pondering it ever since, not only because I’ve had experience in starting … Read more

How Small Businesses Are Becoming Competitive Using CMMS

If there’s anything more difficult than starting up a viable, successful small business, it’s maintaining and growing a small business. According to the Small Business Administration, while some 78% of small businesses survive their first year of business, less than half make it through their first five years of business and only about a third survive a … Read more

8 Effective Tips To Launch Your Freelance Video Production Career

The world of internet freelancing has created a vast amount of unique opportunities for people all around the world. Online freelancing has made the world of work easier and smaller as experienced and knowledgeable individuals can now easily find freelance clients with those who are looking for their desired skill set. For many, it’s a … Read more

Freelance Web Design Rates: How much should web designers charge?

Freelance web design rates are high (or they should be!) because they create the most valuable asset of a company online and design the first presence that new customers will engage with. This means that companies need to hire freelance web designers who can do multiple jobs – and do them well. Freelance web designers … Read more