How to overcome procrastination driven by anxiety

This model for overcoming procrastination driven by anxiety illustrates some of the emotional and behavioural “knots” underlying some forms of procrastination. Solutions for anxiety-driven procrastination The dominant loop here is the cycle of anxiety and overwhelm.  Anxiety is difficult to address directly. Thus, we have to look elsewhere for leverage points in this system. I … Read more

Reviving My Inbox (or, Email Resurrection)

I’ve just finished the Revive Your Inbox programme from Baydin, “a 21 Day course to help you restore email sanity”. “Invest 20 minutes a day for 21 days. Revive Your Inbox is designed to reduce the amount of email you receive and learn to deal better with the ones that matter.” The benefits of good … Read more

Sunday Night Blues 

The Sunday Night Blues phenomenon refers to feeling low (experiencing low mood) on a  Sunday when thinking about one’s impending working week. There is a lack of research into  this topic, and it is hoped that exploring the Sunday Night Blues will help provide a platform  for mental health discussion among employers and their employees.  … Read more

Freelance or employee: 3 freelancers illustrate which is better for you?

Have you dreamed of being a freelance writer? When you are an employee, the independence of a freelance life can sound liberating and adventurous, but is it a siren song? On the other hand, employee life has real benefits, such as regular hours, steady work and vacation, but does it imply living with a lot … Read more