Japan on a Budget for 2 Weeks

Japan was always a must-visit country in my travels. And my two weeks there was everything I’d dreamt of and more. But many people are put off from travelling to Japan because of the expense. Yes, it is expensive, but there are ways to visit Japan on a budget and still see a lot of … Read more

Where do you work best? How to find the perfect freelance work space for you

Where you do your freelance work might be one of the most important decisions you make as a freelance consultant. Get your work space right and you’ll be more productive than you ever thought possible and even open yourself up to new opportunities. Get it wrong and you’ll find your environment either stifling or distracting, … Read more

Tech For Good: The Rise of a Movement



One of the things I’ve been struggling with as a freelancer lately is focussing in on a sector that matches my own values and who the clients I work with give me work that I enjoy doing. Often when your values and your clients’ are aligned, your work will be better as a result. This has the added benefit of making your client happier too.

This is easier said than done.

I’ve been struggling because some of the clients I’ve been working with recently haven’t matched my values and so poor work, somewhat beneath my usual standard, has crept through. This hasn’t been anything to do with my clients, who are fantastic to work with and appreciate my work, but is more to do with me and the opportunities I take on.

I often chat to my better half about what kind of clients I want to work with. She says I need to focus on a particular group of clients I enjoy working with and match my values. I agree and resolve to do something about it, only to take on a non-value-matching client the next week, under the guise of a nice client and good money. C’est la vie.

That has changed though, as I’ve found the area I want to focus on: Tech For Good.

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How to write better emails, letters and reports

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Rudolf Steiner’s Architecture of the Home

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How small businesses can cope with employees going on sick leave or holiday

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