Social Media Trends 2012

It’s that time of the year where the good and the great of the social media world come out in force to predict the next-big-thing and sweeping social media, social marketing and social commerce trends that we’ll see in 2012.

Below is a constantly updated list of the social media and social commerce trends and predictions for 2012 that are worth reading.

If you have one to add then drop me an email or leave a comment below.

David Armanao, Harvard Business Review: Six Social Media Trends for 2012

BazaarVoice: Social Commerce Trends Report Europe 2012

Econsultancy: 2012: The trends every marketer should be aware of’s 12 Consumer Trends for 2012

JWT 10 Trends for 2012

Social Media Today: 2012 Trends and Predictions from Blake Cahill, President of Banyan Branch

Social Media Today: Social Media Intelligence Trends for 2012

eMarketer: 2012 Trends: Social Media Metrics Take Center Stage

33 Digital: 10 Driving Forces of Digital Marketing 2012

Contagious Magazine: Digital Predictions for 2012

Quora: What will be the top 5 trends in social media for 2012?

Quora: What are the top B2B marketing trends for 2012?

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